With our latest FREE App for Apple and Android devices

No more re-keying orders from answer machines or faxes. Your customers will place orders through an app on their iPhone or Android mobile device. Orders are then imported into EasyVend at the push of a button.

• Make placing orders a breeze for your customers.
• Eliminate mistakes and time wasted.

The App works in conjunction with your EasyVend Website.

overlapping phones easyvend app

  • —“add to” or “replace” standard orders.
  • —Strict cut off times.
  • —Order for your customer on a mobile device.
  • —Data entry and administration time can be cut dramatically
  • —Increase profit by selling showcased product lines on the order screen.
  • —Promote new products with zero effort
  • —Get listed on Google so new customers can find you
  • —Orders placed online are downloaded into EasyVend at the push of a button.

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