EasyVend new online ordering system for food and beverage vendors

Fed up of chasing payments from your never-ending debtors’ list?

Spend too much time manually allocating cash, cheque or EFTPOS payments to different invoices?

These tasks take up hours every week. There’s also a high chance of making a mistake, which may lead to bigger problems like incorrect BAS reporting and more.

The new EasyVend has a quick and easy solution to help you receive payments –

  • One touch Pay Now button enables instant credit and debit card payments
  • Set up auto payments for repeat billing customers – like how utility companies do it
  • Automatically allocate payments to specific invoices with complete accuracy
  • Set up automatic invoice reminders to avoid manually chasing up for payments

All this and more in the new EasyVend ensures you get paid on time, every time – guaranteed to change your life by clearing your debtors’ lists with ease.

One comprehensive system. Unbelievably simple. On its way to you late 2020!