1. Why do I need a website?

The way people buy and sell “everything” has changed dramatically over the past five years. Companies and Industries that embrace the change prosper immensely. Websites and online ordering is only the first step to your success. Let us help you on your journey to “The New World”.

2. How will this save me time?

If your customers currently place orders by phone, fax, email or SMS, you will be amazed at the time saved. No more re-keying orders, no more dealing with mistakes made while re-keying orders and you will get a nice surprise when the number of products ordered increase. Customers will get the opportunity to see all of your products when they place their order.

3. How can a website attract new customers to my business?

I don’t know about you, but I Google everything these days and I am certainly not alone. One of the services we provide is “SEO” or Search Engine Optimisation. In English, this means optimising your website so that you appear before all your competitors when customers search for products you sell in your area.

4. Can a brand new customer create a new account on our new website?

Yes! They will be asked to complete all of their details and you will be able to import this into EasyVend at the click of a button.
Online Ordering

5. How do I make sure this is a legitimate order/customer before I receive it into EasyVend?

No worries… we have you covered. When you import all the orders into EasyVend, you will be asked to verify their order before it goes into EasyVend.

6. Do I have to rekey the orders into EasyVend?

NO! Let your customers do the work for you. The orders are imported into EasyVend at the push of a button.

7. How do customers know what products we have available?

Selected products are automatically uploaded from EasyVend to your website. All products are grouped for easy location.
Online Ordering Products

8. Can I set a cut off time for all my orders to be in by?

Yes! You decide the date and/or time.
Online Ordering Delivery Time

9. How will our customers know that their order has reached us?

Customers are given an order number and the order moves to order history and given a status.
Online Ordering, Order History

10. How long does it take to get my website set up?

This depends on how quick you can provide our web developers with Company information and visual preferences. If you have everything ready we can complete your website in as little as three days