EasyVend Features

Customer and product Individuality

Customer and product Individuality

One of the biggest frustrations for suppliers and customers alike is the inability to cater for the needs of different customers and products. EasyVend is perfect for configuring individual requirements like;


  • Multiple price levels
  • Different invoice periods, daily, monthly, weekly etc
  • different standing product orders
  • Variable statements available if requested
  • Multiple delivery points for each customer


  • Up to 99 flavours for each product
  • Multiple price levels

Catering for many different types of customers on many different types of price levels is a breeze in EasyVend. Treat your customers the way they should be treated, like individuals with individual needs.

Ease of Use

Ease of use

Clear and simple step by step on-screen setup guide

Customer Management

Everyday customer management

EasyVend manages your everyday needs including;

  • Invoicing
  • Standing orders
  • Complete client historic data available at the push of a button.
Truck Delivery

Route Management

Packing slips put products and customer in the appropriate order to accommodate for first order in equals last order out. Every time the driver goes to the back of the truck the next customers order will be next in line.

  • Run sheets can be printed … Delivery dockets Daily and weekly run sheets
  • Daily load summaries


Flexibility and ease of use is what EasyVend is all about. Receipting is no different. You can automate receipting for cash customers, quick batch entry and automatic payment of selected invoices.

Receipts can be automatically allocated against the oldest invoices, or you can retain complete control over receipt allocation.

Inventory Control

Inventory Control

Inventory management can make or break a profit and loss sheet. EasyVend makes drivers and store people and customers accountable for product. Choose from;

  • A simple, single stock point system or
  • A multi-point system for vendors with multiple trucks/stock locations


You may be happy with the basic accounting functions in EasyVend or you can opt to add our fully integrated accounting package for full profit and loss GL accounting.

The basics include a GST report for cash-basis Business Activity Statements and analytical reporting for product sales.

Cool Features

Really Cool features

Things we didn’t think you could do without.

  • Automatic holiday adjustments for every customer.
  • Automatic product replacement for out of stock lines
  • Send your order direct to the depot via modem (if your supplier allows it)
  • Send you contract/central billing information direct to your supplier by modem (once again, if your supplier allow it)
  • Enter price changes in advance, and accurately calculate mid-invoice price rises


EasyVend loves reports. Preview all reports onscreen before printing or exporting data. A few of the more popular reports include;

  • Depot order report
  • Payment collection sheet
  • Bank deposit slip/cheque listing for receipts over any period
  • Contract/Rebate/Fee-for-service claim form
  • Sales reports by customer or by product for any period, including GST and literage
  • Debtors report as at any date
  • Receipts, invoice and delivery docket reports

Online Ordering App

Ordering online has never been easier

No more re-keying orders from answer machines or faxes. Your customers will place orders through an app on their iPhone or Android mobile device. Orders are then imported into EasyVend at the push of a button.



  • Telephone support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Automatic updates via the internet for users with prepaid support