MiniVend is a handheld module that syncs with EasyVend. This will save you many hours of duplicate data entry every week.

If you have to get up with the cows to do your run …. but you can’t go to bed until the paperwork is done. … YOU NEED MINIVEND.

Imagine if you could come home from the run and your data entry was done? Or your drivers entered and corrected orders out on the road.

The average vendor would save six hours of data entry EVERY week. That means working a day less EVERY week.

MiniVend is an add-on package that allows this to happen. Data is synced back to EasyVend when you or your driver decides.

MiniVend allows you to do the following on-site

  • Add / Edit Deliveries including price adjustments
  • Add / Edit Standard orders
  • Add / Edit Customer Receipts
  • Add / Edit Run Sheet notes
  • Full Customer list
  • Full product list
  • Records customer holiday dates
  • Ability to record cool room temperature
  • Print Dockets
  • Print Invoices
  • Print Receipts

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What our MiniVend Customers say!

Customer Testimonials

I am one of the kiwi vendors using handhelds and I must say that it’s been a godsend the initial costs are trivial when compared to benefits… I now enjoy a life with my family outside the milk business and I’m no longer attached to the computer 24/7

Kathy at Gore Milk

Customer Testimonials

I have been using a palm hand held and would recommend it to any vendor… It saves me about an hour a day entering sales into EasyVend and also takes out any errors that can creep into the system… As fast as writing in a docket book

Terry Mitchell at TJ & BH Mitchell

For more information feel free to email or phone 02 9623 6403 and speak with one of our staff.