Made easy for you and your customers

EasyVend is a comprehensive yet extremely easy to use  B2B Supply Chain Management System that simplifies and automates every part of B2B logistics.

With its intuitive interface and powerful automation, EasyVend transforms the complexities of logistics into a streamlined process. Seamlessly manage orders, track inventory, and monitor supply chain activities with ease.

By automating order workflows, invoice generation, and payment integration, we eliminate the hurdles of traditional B2B transactions. This automation not only reduces workload but also enhances accuracy, ensuring smoother transactions and quicker order fulfillment.

Our software doesn't just streamline logistics – it frees up your valuable resources to focus on increasing sales and nurturing client relationships. Elevate your B2B logistics game with EasyVend and unlock the potential for accelerated growth.

Order management software
Stress Free Software

Stress-Free Management

EasyVend manages all your everyday needs including ordering, invoicing, receipting, inventory control and more.

Reporting Made Easy

Reporting Made Easy

Track and manage all your orders, sales, profit, loss, debtors and more with our comprehensive reporting.

Automated direct debit and credit card

Clear Debtors

With our automated direct debit and credit card payment gateway

Simplified accounting

Simplified Accounting

Two-way integration with leading software packages Xero & MYOB

Control multilevel pricing

Have Total Control

Caters for retail and wholesale customers, managing multitudes of price levels with ease.

Access anywhere

Access on the Fly

EasyVend is web-based – Access it from anywhere at any time

Online orders made easy

Simple Ordering

Customers can order seamlessly through your own app or custom website.

Stay on top of deliveries

Stay up-to-date with your deliveries

Our app allows you to monitor, track and update orders on the go and electronic proof of delivery.

One comprehensive system. Unbelievably simple & Affordable!

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Xero Accounting

Seamless Accounting!

EasyVend’s advanced two-way accounting integration with Xero & MYOB gives your business one centralised location for all your business management decisions.

  • Automate your entire administration in one place - data entered just once, syncs instantly & accurately from EasyVend to Xero or MYOB.
  • Eliminate errors with GST calculations - EasyVend’s integration automates calculations so you don’t have to do anything.
  • Control your accounting from anywhere - multi-user access makes it easy to collaborate remotely.
  • Sync all invoices and payment receipts between EasyVend and Xero or MYOB.
  • Access the reports you require directly from EasyVend sales, inventory on hand and much more

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