Our Company

With over 38 years of proven experience creating valuable software solutions, Jeal Tech is dedicated to creating high quality and completely scalable technology catered for your business needs.

As a successful family owned business, we create innovative solutions that automate, simplify and grow your business. With over 1,200 satisfied clients in the automotive and food/beverage industry, Jeal Tech is committed to increasing your workplace efficiency and maximising your profit.

Jeal Team

Supply Chain Solutions

EasyVend is a simplified software solution designed for all Supply Chain businesses. EasyVend is developed and maintained by Jeal Tech, an Australian owned and based company.

Trading since 1983, EasyVend strives to create innovative software solutions that reduce costly time and stress in your business. Replacing all heavy and extensive IT structures, EasyVend creates a seamless experience for all users through a simple web-based solution that is completely accessible on any device.

After 40 years’ experience, our team understands all the features needed to increase your business efficiency. We constantly listen to our customers and completely cater to our solutions to your needs. With a complete onboarding training program and 24/7 support, no IT experience is required, our team is always available for you.

No lock in contracts and no hidden fees, give EasyVend a go, you will not be disappointed.