6 crucial vendor problems solved in the NEW EasyVend…

23 Jul 2020 EasyVend

Food and beverage distributor software

The NEW EasyVend is a complete rebuild using the latest web-based technology to deliver instant solutions to the biggest problems’ vendors face today.

1. Reduce time wasted on phone, SMS and email orders

Customers now place orders on a secure online ordering website with full payment gateway technology. This is captured instantly in the NEW EasyVend and removes manual data entry errors.

2. Get rid of bad debts with customer credit limit checks

If an online order amount exceeds the credit limit, the customer is advised to use a payment option before proceeding further.

3. Automate complex rebates and prices in Delivery Dockets and Invoices

Built-in functionality to seamlessly manage complex discounts, rebate structures, multiple price levels and price adjustments in Delivery Dockets and Invoices.

4. Save hours of tedious work by instantly linking payments to invoices

Automated payment system instantly allocates payments to invoices. You can also activate a ‘PAY NOW’ button for debit/credit or bank transfer payments - linking each payment to the invoice.

5. Eliminate proof-of-delivery problems

Sign-on screen for proof of delivery stored online for easy retrieval. It can also be emailed to your customer at the time of delivery – eliminating the problem of lost paperwork.

6. Streamline accounting with industry-leading programs

The NEW EasyVend seamlessly syncs to industry-leading Xero and MYOB programs, bringing together all your accounting needs in one central platform.

The NEW EasyVend’s groundbreaking technology significantly decreases the amount of administrative work, improves cashflow and ultimately gives back time to focus on sales.

One comprehensive system. Unbelievably simple. And it’s finally here!

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