Breaking some common Food and Beverage software myths

09 Apr 2021

We know how you feel, you may know all about Food and beverage software but there is a belief you have that stops you from making a change. Price, training, time, and reluctance to change are a few of the most common stumbling blocks for vendors and distributors when deciding if they should implement a food and beverage software for their business.

EasyVend has put together a complete guide that breaks some of the most common Food and beverage software beliefs.

Food and beverage software is difficult to start

The first belief vendors and distributors have about food and beverage software is that it Is hard to start. In reality, setting up your system is a lot quicker than you may think.

When you sign up to a food and beverage software you can get your entire set up and training completed in less than a day. Your data is imported into the system offering a smooth and easy transition. You are then completely on boarded with full 1 on 1 training that gives you to get a step-by-step overview on how to use the system and all the benefits that come with it.

Food and beverage software is too expensive

Another common misconception among food and beverage businesses is that implementing a management software is too expensive. Most food and beverage providers base their pricing on the number of orders you take. This means the price of the software fluctuates based on your businesses demands.

Food and beverage businesses can get a complete management software for less than $30 per week. This gives you complete access to manage your entire inventory, link payments, receipt, invoice and so much more, all in one central location. One customer a week and the system is completely paid for!

Food and Beverage software will complicate your process

We get it, making a change is hard. Many food and beverage businesses fall into the trap of thinking their dated process is correct but in reality, you could be doing more harm to your business then good. Some businesses believe that making the change to a food and beverage system will complicate your entire process, but it is the complete opposite.

Using a food and beverage management software will centralise your entire operations giving you a complete overview of your business at a glance. All your everyday operations such as Invoicing, pricing, stock control, debtor management, deliveries are all managed on an openly accessible software that can be used anywhere by any of your staff. You no longer need to look at multiple sheets or systems to find beneficial information.

Food and Beverage software takes more time

Time is so critical, that’s often why people are hesitant of making a change. Many vendors believe that using a software takes more time than the process they are doing.

When someone orders something from your business your stock, receipting, invoicing and dockets are all automatically updated, entered, allocated and sent. Not only does this do it accurately but it removes the time-consuming manual process that most food and beverage businesses use. This free’s up your time to focus on other areas of your business.

Where EasyVend can help.

EasyVend by Jeal is a complete web-based food and beverage software designed to reduce your overheads and grow your business. EasyVend includes all your everyday tools from ordering and invoicing to stock control and everything in-between. No matter the size of your business, EasyVend has all the tools needed to manage your business seamlessly.

The best part about EasyVend is we customise our packages to your businesses needs. You only pay for what you use! To find out more about EasyVend’s features click here.

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