EasyVend goes EasyCloud

04 Feb 2013 EasyVend

For anywhere, anytime access!

EasyVend - EasyCloud!

EasyCloud is the fast, simple and affordable way to instantly deliver EasyVend to users anywhere, while retaining all of the application’s features. This plug-and-play solution leverages your investment while significantly lowering your Total Cost of Ownership.

EasyCloud runs EasyVend on a central server allowing remote users to run on just about any platform or any Operating System. EasyVend then appears on your screen just as if it were running locally. EasyCloud provides fast, efficient access, even over busy connections. This means speed is no longer an issue.

Features at a Glance

  • Offer your accountant and your bookkeeper remote access instantly
  • Go on holidays without removing your finger from the pulse
  • Your local network is no longer relied upon
    • No maintenance
    • No upgrades to keep up
    • No network errors or drop outs
    • No more cables
  • Run EasyVend from virtually any platform
  • We can get you up and running in 24 hours or less
  • Retains 100% of EasyVend features and functions
  • Offers a fast, cost-effective alternative to Log me in for remote access
  • Offers network security
  • Its fast … Its remote and its available now …. EasyVend in the Cloud

Call one of the Jeal team members on 9623 6403 to upgrade today.