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28 Jun 2010 EasyVend

Milk and Dehydration

There is increasing interest in the use of milk as a rehydration drink since milk naturally provides water, sugar and electrolytes.

A recent study found that drinking milk after exercise may promote rehydration better than water or sports drink. The athletes exercised until they lost 1.8% of their body weight through sweat (a sign of dehydration).

They were then given a different test drink to re-hydrate. The results clearly showed that milk was more effective than water or sports drink at replacing the fluid loss. The researchers said it was likely that the naturally high electrolyte content of milk helped restore the body’s fluid balance after exercise.

Whats New?

New features added to EasyVend that could save you hours.

The sales graphs now have an option to include rebates when graphing Profit $. The new check box is in the top right of the screen.

When the box is checked, the different rebates (margin/%/cartage) are all added up and added to the sales. The grand total should be the same as the total at the very bottom of the Sales/rebate sales summary report.

Previously, the graphs did not include Fee for Service customers. However, as these customers can have rebates, they are now included in the graphs, unless they are specifically excluded in the graph options.

Also, the Rebate/cartage Claim Form now has an option to list individual products rather than grouping them by rebate type.

Wages Manager

A New Payroll Package from JCS

Your Wages, PAYG tax withholding and superannuation obligations are so simple with Wages Manager. It is uniquely designed to protect employers by automating as much of the payroll function as possible in strict accordance with the Tax Laws.

And the best part about it is if you purchase EasyCash Pro, Wages Manager links directly into it! It’s that easy!