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04 Oct 2023 Helpful Tips

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While interacting with various manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors, it turns out that there is common ground shared with all. There is a MASSIVE lack of communication platforms to connect the whole B2B Supply Trade community. It appears there’s no easy way to connect with other businesses, share stories, ask questions & get feedback.

      • How great would it be to be able to throw a question out to a group of like-minded businesses and get great feedback?
      • How about the ability to find suppliers and distributors in one place? And at no cost!

So… the good people we are, we have decided to start the platform for you. Facebook seems to be the most commonly used platform, so that’s where we will start.

Welcome To Distributors Den!

We are excited to announce that we have launched a private Facebook group for distributors and suppliers in Australia and New Zealand. Distributors Den has been created to give distributors and suppliers a place to communicate and thrive. We wanted to outline in this blog some topics that Distributors Den was made for. Feel free to create your own benefits to this community. As long as everyone benefits, nothings off the table.

Here are some of the benefits of joining and taking advantage of Australia and New Zealand’s only Supplier and Distributor Facebook Group – The Distributor Den.

Sharing Your Business

Our objective is for the Distributor Den to turn into an incredible asset or potentially voice in your business. It’s a spot to share achievements and yearnings for your business. It's where you can get information about anything related to Supply and Distribution. Go ahead and post anything that you believe is important for other suppliers and distributors.

Staying On Top of Tech Trends

In the current quickly developing distribution industry, remaining shrewd is central for Suppliers and Distributors. The Distributors Den offers you a devoted space to examine and stay aware of the most recent technology developments that relates to supply and distribution. Whether it's embracing automation, enhancing your production network, or investigating new operational processes, our Facebook community gives a stage to share encounters, proposals, and bits of knowledge to assist you with exploring the tech-driven eventual fate of the distribution industry.

Finding New Providers

In the distribution world, finding dependable providers is a huge advantage. The Distributors Den isn't just a centre for interacting with other suppliers and distributors it can be an important asset for tracking down new potential suppliers. Share your provider suggestions, find out about new players in the market.

Unlocking Better Pricing and Expanding Your Product Range

One of the key difficulties distributors frequently face is finding the right kind of harmony between pricing and product options. Inside our Distributor Den, you can participate in conversations about pricing strategies, product selections, and ways to advance your net revenues.

Why Join the Distributors Den

With the Distributors Den, we aim to make a flourishing community where suppliers and distributors from Australia and New Zealand can meet up, trade thoughts, and more. Keep in mind, this community is only for suppliers and distributors, and it's anything but a stage for promoting a particular item or administration, including EasyVend. Our focus is solely on facilitating meaningful connections and fostering a supportive environment for distributors in the region.

So, if you're a supplier or distributor in Australia or New Zealand looking to stay at the forefront of industry trends, connect with peers, and discover new opportunities, join us at Distributors Den today. We can't wait to welcome you to our growing community!

Join Today!

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