How EasyVend helps you retain your customers

16 Mar 2021 Helpful Tips

Getting customers into your shop is only half the battle won. Getting customers to return to your business is a whole other task. Customers now look for a fast, simple and easy solution they can use when buying a product. EasyVend offers a complete solution helping food and beverage businesses retain their customers and grow their business.

Here’s how we do it.

Automated SMS and email reminders

The biggest frustration for any business is losing a valued customer to a competitor. EasyVend offers food and beverage business with a solution that automatically reminds customers through SMS or email, of order cut off times and if they have failed to order a product.

It is common for customers to forget to place orders, especially if they are busy doing something else. According to Deloitte the average Australian checks their phone every 30 miunutes. This Makes SMS reminders the fastest and easiest method to reach and retain your customers.

For vendors and distributors this removes the frustration of late or missed orders and the manual follow up phone tasks. The best part, you don’t need to do anything once you set your preferences reminders can be sent automatically daily without you needing to trigger them.

Automated SMS and email reminders to customers is a fast and simple way EasyVend makes it easy for you to retain your customers.

Online Ordering

Customers always want the fastest and easiest experience when buying a product. Online ordering gives your customers an instant and openly accessible way to purchase your products. Being completely web-based, customers can place orders when it suits them on any device at any time. This removes manual and time-consuming tasks that customers go through when manually placing orders through SMS, email or over the phone orders. With online ordering customers can simply click and order making it fast, easy and reliable.

For vendors and distributors, you will no longer need to worry about incorrect orders, manual data entry or late orders. When an order is submitted by a customer all details are automatically synced to EasyVend, correctly inserting the order, updating stock levels, and creating an instant receipts and invoices that are automatically sent to the customer. This removes hours of data entry a week.

Not only does online ordering help retain customers, it also creates a brand new sales channel to grow your business.

Find out more about Online Ordering here

It’s never been easier for you to retain your customers and grow your business. EasyVend provides instant simple solutions to the frustrations faced by food and beverage business today. From invoicing, receipting to inventory control and everything in between EasyVend has all the tools needed to manage your business seamlessly. To find out more about our features here.

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