How EasyVend Streamlined This Distribution Business's Operations

13 Jul 2021

For food Vendors and distributors, EasyVend supports and automates every part of your business, freeing you up to grow your sales unlike other ERP systems that are designed more for wholesale suppliers than for distribution business like yours.

Danny from D & N Carter Investments talks about his success transitioning to EasyVend Web and what the solution has done for his business.

“The new EasyVend Web has made it so much easier to take everyday orders, collate and export stock details to our warehouse and email invoices on demand. As a one-man milk distribution business, all I wanted was simplicity and EasyVend’s user-friendly interface has made everything so easy and flexible for me.

Can I just say how much I love the new price change feature? In the past, I dreaded any price change for customers because it was so difficult and time consuming. I used to spend hours on a Sunday manually changing it in the system. To avoid doing it myself, I ended up employing someone to do this and had to fork out hundreds of dollars for the job. But now, any price change takes just 30 seconds. Imagine the time and money I have saved!

Software apart, I would like to commend the EasyVend team for their superior customer support and service. The phone support team always answers a call in under a minute. More importantly, they are knowledgeable and happy to solve my queries patiently. I could probably have solved the issue on my own, but why spend 4 hours when EasyVend will solve it for me in 15 minutes?

For what I pay for EasyVend, I couldn’t ask for a better return on my investment. Frankly, the whole system is quicker and more efficient. It has saved me time, allowed me to login and get work done from anywhere and made my business far more cost-effective. We have even cut down our paper consumption by 70 percent. Any distribution business that needs to streamline tasks should consider EasyVend."

Here at EasyVend, our goal is to simplify the day-to-day tasks of running a food distribution business through automation. With over 38 years’ experience creating solutions for the food and beverage industry, we have never stopped listening to our customers. From their contributions we have created the complete solution for Food and beverage vendors and distributors – EasyVend Web.

Here are a few of the features of EasyVend Web:

  • Includes all of your everyday needs like Inventory control, invoicing, receipting, dockets, standard orders and delivery sequencing.
  • Automated payment system that instantly allocates payments to the correct invoices at the agreed time – removing all manual data entry tasks.
  • Built in functionality to seamlessly manage complex discounts, rebate structures, multiple price levels and price adjustments.
  • Integrated Online Ordering website – All orders automatically appear and are updated in EasyVend.
  • Track orders, deliveries, updates, proof of delivery in real time via our exclusive MiniVend Driver app.
  • Full two-way accounting integration with Xero.

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