How Food & Beverage Businesses Can Increase Average Order Value

20 Sep 2022 Helpful Tips

Increasing average order value is one of the key fundamentals of running a Food & Beverage Businesses. Increasing your businesses average order value is a task easier said than done. The only way that your business is going to increase average order value is by having a concise strategy in place that makes it hard for customers to refuse to buy.

Here’s how Food and Beverage Businesses Can Increase Average Order Value.

1. Implement a Minimum Order Value

One of the fastest and easiest ways to increase your businesses average order value is to implement a minimum order value on your Online Ordering Website.

The benefit of having a minimum order value is requires your customers to order more if they want to buy from your business. Minimum order values are a fast and relatively easy way to increase revenue for your business, however it does need to be thoroughly planned. If you set your minimum order value too high, customers will leave and go elsewhere, and on the flip side if you set the minimum too low, your business won’t see much of a benefit, you need to find the sweet spot!

Before you begin implementing a minimum order value on your Online Ordering Website, it is recommended that you get together with your accountant and find a good minimum order price point that won’t affect the customer but will provide an upside to your business.

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2. Use Upselling Strategies

To increase your businesses average order value, you need offer customers something that makes them want to spend more. The best way to increase your average order value is to use different upselling strategies.

Discount certain relatable products, offer a financial incentive for ordering more, anything you think can add value to the customers original order, implement it, you need to find ways to make them spend! The benefit of upselling products is you will increase the customer’s order value and ultimately your businesses revenue. The more up sales you convert, the larger your average order value will be, it’s as simple as that.

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3. Offer Free Delivery Incentives for Larger Order Values

Another great way of increasing your businesses average order value is to offer free delivery incentives for customers who order over a certain threshold.

Implement an incentive where customers can receive free delivery for orders that pass a certain number. This way it gives customers more bang for their buck and encourages them to add more to their basket.

Similar to implementing a minimum order value, get together with your account or other stakeholders and try to find the best price point. In this instance you need to make sure the order value covers delivery costs.

4. Offer Bundle Deals / Buy in Bulk

Everybody loves to buy in bulk, b2b food and beverage businesses are no different. A great way to increase your customers average order value is to offer bulk purchases.

The benefit of having a buy in bulk offer is customers can receive more products at a fraction of the price that they can usually buy the single item for. The benefit for your business is you can gain additional revenue and sell more stock before expiration. It’s a win-win!

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5. Implement a Customer Rewards Program

Your business’s ultimate goal should be to retain as many customers as possible. You want customers coming back time and time again. To further encourage customer retention and to build a greater average order value, your business should look to implement a loyal customer rewards program/offering.

The incentive of having a loyal customer rewards program is it gets loyal customers back in the doors and spending more. Offer savings for return customers, let them build up points for spending more, implementing a rewards program will result in greater sales and a larger average order value.

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Final Word,

As a food and beverage business, you want customers paying as much as they can. However, getting customers to do that is no easy task. To increase your average customer order value, your business needs to have a strong strategy in place that makes it hard for customers to refuse to spend. The 5 strategies mentioned above are a few great ways your business can increase average order value in 2022.

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