How to Reduce Online Cart Abandonment

16 May 2023 Helpful Tips

The biggest challenge facing all businesses that sell products online is customer abandonment. Studies show that almost 70% of all online orders end up being abandoned.

While it is inevitable that there are going to be abandonments, as a business owner trading online your number one goal is to is to convert as many online customers into sales as possible.

EasyVend has put together the 5 Best Ways Your Business Can Reduce Cart Abandonment.

Let’s get into it!

1. Set Up Conversion Tracking

The first and most important thing that you need to do to reduce cart abandonment is to set up conversion tracking and analytics. Your business needs to know at what point in the ordering cycle customers abandon. Are they getting to 50% of the order process or under 10%? Conversion tracking will help you identify this.

The benefit of setting up and having strong conversion tracking is it will tell you firsthand where customers are leaving. With this information, you can go back and work on improving the relevant part of your ordering process to increase the likelihood of order conversion.

2. Make the Order Process as Simple as Possible

The main reason why so many customers abandon their order is because the process is too long, or hard to complete. The only way that your business is going to be able to reduce cart abandonment is by making the order process as fast and as easy as possible.

Go back and have a look at your order process, see what sections are essential and what fields are not. Ideally the customer should be able to complete an order in under a few minutes. The more time it takes for a customer to complete an order, the higher the risk of abandonment!

3. Have Clear Action Items

To get customers to proceed with an order you need to make the process clear. From the time a customer selects a product to the time they click pay, the process needs to be simple and clear. If a customer can’t find where to go to take action they will leave, it’s as simple as that!

Before you begin selling products online it is important that you test your ordering process on your close contacts. Receive their feedback, see what they think and adjust your process based on initial feedback. Having clear action items will help users proceed deeper and deeper into the ordering process and ultimately fulfilling the order request.

4. Offer Save Order Options

Not all customers will be able to order right away and that’s okay. They may need to locate their payment card, check delivery dates, amongst other things. A mistake that so many businesses make is not offering a save option. If a customer begins an order and for whatever reason cannot complete it there and then and they are unable to save their request, it almost diminishes the chances of receiving that order in the future.

To minimise cart abandonment it is important that your Website offers customers the ability to save their order requests if required. The benefit of providing this option is customers can come back later at a time and continue where they left off instead of having to start all over again!

5. Provide Multiple Payment Options

Studies have shown that the section where most customers abandon an order is during the payment process. One of the main reasons for this is because many websites don’t cater for the customers’ relevant payment option.

To minimise cart abandonment, it is absolutely essential that your website has and accepts multiple different payment options. You need to allow a customer to order no matter what payment method they use or what provider they are with. Offering multiple payment options reduces the risk of customer abandonment and will lead to greater order conversions.

Final Word,

The most frustrating thing about selling online is cart abandonment. Fortunately, there are ways that your business can reduce the risk of cart abandonment and increase conversions. The 5 tips presented are proven ways your business can reduce cart abandonment in 2023.

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