How to solve your businesses 5 biggest frustrations

23 Nov 2020 Helpful Tips

Running a food and beverage business can be stressful. Frustrations often occur that could cost you thousands! Here are 5 of the biggest frustrations experienced by vendors and distributors today and the simple ways you can solve them.

1. Debtors

Sick and tired of chasing up debtors? Spend too much time manually allocating cash, cheque, or EFTPOS payments to different invoices? These frustrating tasks take up hours every week and end up impacting your cash flow.

The solution for vendors and distributors is a payment gateway. A payment gateway offers food and beverage businesses with a quick, easy and secure solution for all payment needs.

  • Automate your entire accounts receivable, never miss a payment again
  • Automatically allocate payments to specific invoices with complete accuracy
  • Restrict orders from being placed until payment is made

A payment gateway removes your frustrating process of having to manually allocate every payment to an individual invoice that ends up taking hours of your valuable time. With a payment gateway you will never have to miss a payment again! 

2. Invoicing Process

Repetitive manual invoicing is frustrating. Not only does it waste your time, but it often leads to errors which ends up impacting your bookkeeping. Fixing common invoice mistakes can end up costing your business thousands.

The solution for vendors and distributors is the EasyVend software solution. EasyVend Web provides food and beverage businesses with a completely automated invoice system that slashes all errors and repetitive admin time.

  • One touch Pay Now button enables instant credit and debit card payments
  • Automatically allocate payments to specific invoices with complete accuracy
  • Automated credit card payment
  • Built-in functionality to seamlessly manage complex discounts, rebate structures, multiple price levels and price adjustments.

You will never need to go back to the repetitive, manual and time-consuming paper invoicing!

3. Inventory Management

There is nothing worse than a customer requesting a product and you discover that you are out of stock. This looks bad on your business and could lead to customers going elsewhere. Manually recording stock in a booklet or spreadsheet takes so much time and often leads to mistakes that cost your business thousands.

EasyVend web is the complete solution making inventory management seamless.

  • Track orders, deliveries and updates
  • Track largest selling products
  • Complete inventory overview at all times 
  • Eliminate manual stock entry
  • Stock control

4. Proof of delivery problems

Frustrated with carrying around a Docket Book, filling in the docket ripping it and handing it to the customer? This process not only creates frustrations, but it also impacts on your delivery schedule. The solution is MiniVend. MiniVend is an app that syncs with EasyVend. Allowing you or your drivers to update and edit data on-site, saving you hours of duplicate data entry every week.

  • Track orders deliveries, updates in real time
  • Pre-load customers products and information – you no longer need to manually write them down each time!
  • Print out professional docket from a handheld portable printer that can be given to the customer.
  • Live updates back to the vendor so you always know where the delivery is at.
  • Sign on glass

No longer will you need to manually write down products and information, rip it off and hand it to your customers. With MiniVend all Proof of delivery problems will be removed.

5. Finding new Income Streams

COVID-19 swept the country, and many businesses were forced to close due to government regulations, this ended up costing some food and beverage businesses thousands per week. A staggering 80% of food and beverage businesses did not have online ordering.

A solution for food and beverage businesses is online ordering. An online ordering website creates a brand-new sales channel to drive new customers to your business.

    • Automate your entire ordering/ payment process
    • Products and product images populated online
    • Use credit limits and customer debits

How EasyVend can help?

Using the latest technologies, the new EasyVend web provides the complete solution, making business more efficient and streamlined today. Remove all your frustrations in your business with a complete system catered for your businesses specific needs.

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