Revolutionizing B2B Logistics with EasyVend and Foodstuffs: A Seamless Partnership for Success

03 May 2024


At EasyVend, we're thrilled to announce our partnership with Foodstuffs as one of their integrated partners. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our mission to streamline B2B logistics for Foodstuffs suppliers, offering a simplified and highly efficient ordering and payment process. Our goal is to empower suppliers with the tools they need to outpace their competitors and optimize their operations.

The Power of Choice and Collaboration

Foodstuffs suppliers now have the option to choose EasyVend as their management software. We're excited to demonstrate why EasyVend is the optimal choice for those looking to gain a competitive edge. Our collaboration with the Foodstuffs team has led to the seamless automation of the order process between Foodstuffs and EasyVend, making operations smoother than ever for vendors.

Simplifying Transactions with Streamlined Processes

Our integration efforts have borne fruit in the form of a docket layout and invoice process approved by Foodstuff. The ability to update and reject orders, which are then automatically communicated back to Foodstuff, eradicates the issue of missing orders, ensuring a reliable and continuous supply chain.

Why EasyVend is the Go-To Solution for Your Business

EasyVend isn’t just about managing logistics; it’s about revolutionizing them. Here’s how we stand out:

Automation at Every Step: From automating order workflows to generating invoices and integrating payments, EasyVend reduces the manual labor involved in transactions. This leads to increased accuracy and faster order fulfillment.

Scalable Solutions: Whether you're an owner-operator or a corporate supplier, EasyVend scales with your business. Our system is designed to handle the complexities of your supply chain, regardless of the size of your operations.

User-Friendly Interface: EasyVend boasts a comprehensive yet intuitive interface that makes managing B2B logistics straightforward. Seamlessly manage orders, track inventory, and monitor all your supply chain activities effortlessly.

Focus on Growth: By simplifying logistics, we free up your resources to focus more on what truly matters—growing your sales and building stronger client relationships.

Experience EasyVend Firsthand

We are eager to show vendors how EasyVend can transform their business operations and drive growth. To truly understand the impact of our solution, we invite you to register for a 30-minute online demonstration. This session will provide a detailed walkthrough of our platform, showcasing the powerful features and the simplicity of integration with your current operations.

Together with Foodstuffs, EasyVend is setting new standards in B2B logistics. Join us on this journey to streamline your operations and accelerate your business growth. Let's make managing your business easy!