The importance of Data Security for Food and Beverage Businesses

15 Nov 2020

The world is changing, we all have easy access to the internet. Hacking, scams and data theft are some of the most common issues faced for many food and beverage businesses. Online Pirates behind the data breaches use your information for many different purposes including selling your information to the highest bidder. For businesses this is so important for maintaining your brand reputation and customer privacy.

What is Data Security

Data security is the process of keeping all your valuable electronic information safe. Keeping your information safe is vital for several reasons and the data security process keeps your valuable information out of the wrong hands.

Why is Data Security so important for your business?

Having no, outdated or untrusted data security for your systems can lead to many different types of data breaches which could cause your business significant financial and professional damage.

Some of the risks to your business include:

Viruses: Viruses can happen with a data beach, this can affect all your personal files and information such as transactions, bank account details and all customers contact information. A virus can remove all information leaving you with nothing. Food and beverage businesses are incredibly busy and trying to gain information again could be devastating and costly.

Data Corruption: Having no or an outdated data security system can cause data corruption. Corrupted data means that all the files are not in the original format and can go missing and or even lost completely. Fixing corrupted data could be a costly and time-consuming task for businesses. For your business losing all data would mean you will need to manually gain and enter the file all over again.

Sale of Information: Breaches on your data can also result in all your valuable information such as customer contact information, bank account and transaction information being sold to the highest online bidder. Online pirates selling information can be serious for businesses as not only their information has been stolen and sold but their loyal customers have been also. This can cause customer rage and may mean they will leave your business for good.

An industry standard data security system can help businesses remove all the mentioned issues. For food and beverage businesses, maintaining a loyal customer base is essential for success and with the latest data security implemented on your software means you can breathe easy knowing both your customers and your personal data are safe.

How EasyVend can help?

EasyVend is a completely secure simplified food and beverage solution offering you all the tools needed to manage your business easily. The EasyVend solution gives users secured automated information backups on the world’s most trusted online solution Microsoft Azure.. As the worlds most trusted solution, Microsoft constantly updates their technology to keep your valuable data safe. With EasyVend you will have the peace of mind knowing all your valuable data is safe.

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