The New paperless Proof of Delivery System for Food and Beverage Businesses

20 Apr 2022 MiniVend


The Australian Food and Beverage industry is constantly changing. All Technology has moved away from the traditional print/paper methods to technology.

The reasons for this are many and very true.

  • It is far more environmentally friendly.
  • Far more practical for retrieving information.
  • Hugely time saving.
  • Far more cost effective. No printer required, less time and instantly retrievable.
  • Paper proof of delivery is often misplaced or damaged and can result in Non-payment of invoices. This can be very expensive and time consuming.

To simplify and reduce time spent on the Delivery Process, Australian Food and Beverage businesses need to transition from the current time-consuming, traditional paper delivery methods to accessible, web-based technology applications.

Introducing MiniVend by Jeal

MiniVend by Jeal is a mobile app that simplifies the entire Route Management process.

MiniVend gives Food and Beverage businesses and drivers the ability to update and edit data on-site and gain electronic proof of delivery using sign on glass technology. Sign on glass is absolute, easily retrievable proof of delivery and therefore a massive time saver and money saver for Food and Beverage Businesses.

Using MiniVend, Drivers can simply email delivery dockets before you leave your customers premises, so they have an instant copy. Drivers can also give customers the ability to the docket if that is their preferred method. If you do not have internet access, MiniVend will automatically send the delivery docket once you are in range to an internet connection.

The ability to sign on glass for proof of delivery is the only solution for Food and Beverage suppliers, distributors, and wholesalers to eliminate non-payment from customers for no proof of delivery.

Integration with EasyVend Food and Beverage Management System

MiniVend makes the entire route management and fulfilment process simple! Integrated with EasyVend Food and Beverage management system, Orders that are placed through an EasyVend Online Ordering Website automatically syncs to the MiniVend App on your mobile device.

MiniVend will display key business details like delivery date, route details and truck rounds in real time. Delivery Drives can update deliveries onsite with live updates automatically feeding back to the team at base.

To use an example, your driver can change a particular order status to ‘delivered’ or ‘undelivered’ on their mobile or smart device, which then automatically transfers back to the EasyVend system in real-time provided you have an internet connection.

What makes MiniVend so great for Food and Beverage businesses is it simplifies an outdated, manual, and costly process.

Using a mobile device your drivers can add or edit deliveries, view customer details and product lists, gain proof of delivery from the customer with sign-on glass technology, email dockets and receipts to customers, and add payments on the go, if a delivery suddenly needs to be changed or updated, this could be done instantly without having to call your driver back through the integration with EasyVend Food and Beverage management software.

Using the latest technologies, MiniVend eliminates frustrations and time-wasting route management tasks making business more efficient and streamlined today.

The MiniVend mobile application is available to download on both iOS and Android devices.

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