Why Your F&B Business Needs Electronic Invoicing

09 Mar 2021 Helpful Tips

Do you still invoice customers manually?

It doesn’t get much worse then sitting down and individually allocating invoices for your customers. It’s time consuming and often leads to error. Although you may be hesitant to change your processes, transitioning your manual invoicing process to electronic will offer your business immediate benefits.

Here’s why your business needs electronic invoicing.

What is electronic invoicing?

Electronic invoicing is a digital invoice that is issued, received, and processed electronically. To put it simply, an electronic invoice is an online version of your traditional written or paper invoices but instead of being handed or mailed to the customer it is sent digitally.

All information that is included on a traditional invoice is included on the electronic version. The main benefit of electronic invoicing is they can be sent automatically over the internet for a faster, more reliable delivery.

Key benefits include:

1. Saves time

Transitioning your manual invoicing process to electronic removes all manual labour and administration tasks. Electronic invoicing completely automates the invoicing process between your business and the customer. At the time of purchase, invoices are automatically sent and received from your accounting software to your customer’s specified destination. 

2. Reduces mistakes

When invoicing manually mistakes are often made, even the slightest mistake can take hours to fix. As electronic invoicing is completely automated, once an order has been placed by a customer an invoice will be automatically generated and assigned correctly and accurately. 

Standard invoice information such as the list of purchased products, pricing, payment methods etc are pre-filled without the need of manual data entry. 

3. Get paid faster

The average manual invoice processing time in Australia is 23 days. When using an electronic invoicing method the time is slashed to 5 days. The key benefit of electronic invoicing is takes less effort for your customer to pay the invoice then a traditional paper invoice.

4. Easier to manage

As everything nowadays is managed electronically it is so much easer for your business to control. All files are organised and stored accurately in your accounting software. All invoices are saved and backed up on cloud storage technology meaning you will never need to worry about misplacing or losing any invoice.

5. Easier for your customers

Customers want the fastest and easiest process as possible. It is so much easier for your customer to automatically receive an electronic invoice via email instead of a paper copy. 

6. Integrates with your business management system and accounting system

A key advantage of electronic invoicing is that it integrates with both your business management system and your accounting system. This is so important for your business as you will no longer have to enter data to multiple systems to get an accurate overview of your financial position.

Where EasyVend can help?

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EasyVend completely automates your everyday tasks such as stock control, receipting, electronic invoicing, dockets, orders and so much more. EasyVend also integrates to popular accounting software Xero giving you an all-in-one location for your entire business.

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