Why Integrate EasyVend with MYOB?

By integrating EasyVend with MYOB your business will get a comprehensive system that handles all your everyday inventory, payment and accounting.

Our MYOB data sync removes the tedious task of duplicate data entry - making accounting seamless!

  • Easily sync all Customer Orders, Invoices and payment receipts from EasyVend to MYOB
  • Make better informed decisions with real-time view of your businesses financial situation without completing any manual reporting.

What is MYOB

MYOB is an industry leading accounting platform designed for Australian Small to Medium Businesses.

  • Accounting to Suit B2B Businesses: The integrated solution can take care of the special accounting needs for all B2B businesses like calculation of GST, Customer Orders, Receipts and more.
  • Easy To Use: Simple user-friendly design allows you to manage all your accounting and bookkeeping needs removing accountant dependance.
  • Real-Time View Of Financials: MYOB automatically imports and categorises your bank statements giving you an up-to-date, real-time understanding of your cashflow and profits.

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Which Businesses Should Integrate EasyVend and MYOB?

Businesses engaged in Product Supply, Wholesale or Distribution will find value integrating EasyVend & MYOB. Some businesses that would benefit include:

  • B2B manufacturers, suppliers and distributors
  • F&B suppliers and distributors
  • Confectionary suppliers and distributors
  • Packaging suppliers and distributors

Don’t see your industry? Chances are we still have a solution for your business.

Syncing Xero and EasyVend will transform the way you do business, saving you time and money as you automate the process and eliminate time-wasting manual data entry.

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