What is a payment gateway?

A payment gateway is a completely automated online service that verifies and accepts/declines payments or credit card requests on behalf of your business.

A payment gateway transitions the transaction information from the customer to the bank who then automatically verifies the transaction. The automated system will either approve or decline the request based on the information provided, minimising the risk of fraud.

Why do I need a payment gateway?

A payment gateway provides food and beverage businesses with a complete solution for all payments going in and out of their business.

  • Reduce Fraud
  • Quick transaction processing
  • Customiseble to your preferences

How do I setup the payment gateway?

This feature is only available if you have a merchant account approved and activated by EasyVend by Jeal staff. Upon agreement with the customer, customer bank details or debit/credit card details will be entered here, and auto debiting of invoices on their due date can be enabled. All details are stored with a secure Payment Gateway company.

Setting up a payment gateway has two functions:

  • The payment gateway enables the Payment options Tab in the customer details screen. From there, you can enter the customer’s debit/credit card or bank account details and set up automatic direct debits. Once set up, the customer’s card/bank account will be automatically debited on the invoice Due Date.
  • If you also have the Online Website module, the payment gateway works in conjunction with the Customer Order Portal enabling customers to pay online.

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