The Effects Manual Orders Have On Your F&B Business

19 Feb 2021 Helpful Tips

It’s no secret that as a vendor or distributor you need to take orders accurately and efficiently. I know how you feel, you may think that the process you are currently using works well but in reality, taking orders manually by phone, SMS or emails can have dire effects on your business.

Here’s some of the effects manual ordering has on your business.

1. It’s time consuming

Taking orders manually is a time-consuming task. You will need to manually record the order information, confirm all the details are correct and manually input the data into your management system. Before you know it hours have passed, time that could have been used on other areas of your business.

2. It is hard to manage

Manual orders  hard to manage. Sorting through countless amounts of unsorted orders often leads to mistakes. You may miss minor details, account information, payment information or sometimes even the entire order itself.

As you already know making a mistake in the food and beverage industry is costly! Minor details missed in ordering can lead to customer dissatisfaction, refunds, and replacements.

3. Not all information is correct

Sure, even though your customer has sent through the order, you can’t be 100% sure that they haven’t made a mistake. Often customers can pick the wrong code or quantity amount. To mention this, your customer would have no visual image of the products they want to order.

4. Doesn’t integrate to your management system.

Manual orders don’t automatically sync with your management system. This can lead to you accepting orders without knowing if you have adequate stock available to fulfil the order. 

5. It's outdated

A lot has changed in the food and beverage industry. Using old processes can lead to customers going elsewhere. The customer is going to go to the business who offers the easiest buying experience. If they had a choice between a click and order system and a manual system, 9 times out of 10 they will go with the click and order.

We get it, making changes to a process that has been in place forever is difficult. The most common resistance to making a change is either cost or not knowing how to use the system. This is where EasyVend can help!

EasyVend offers distribution businesses with a simplified solution automates your daily repetitive tasks. EasyVend includes all your everyday needs such as inventory control, standard orders, invoicing, receipting, dockets, online ordering and so much more.

The best thing about EasyVend is we customise our packages based on your needs, you only pay for what you use!

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