3 Online Trends Changing the Food & Beverage Industry

15 Jan 2021 Helpful Tips

Customers use the Internet today for almost everything – especially when searching for a product or service they intend to purchase. A report recently released by the Australian Retailers Association showed the Australian online food and beverage industry grew by 24.9% in 2020.

Here are the 3 online trends changing the way Food and Beverage Businesses operate.

Online Ordering:

2020 showed how important it is to have a strong online ordering system. Companies with an existing online system reduced the overall impacts of the COVID-19 shutdowns. 

The key benefit of online ordering is the ability to offer your customers a way to place orders when it suits them best. Online Ordering Websites turns your business into a twenty-four hour a day, seven day a week automated machine. Your overheads decrease and your sales increase without you needing to step foot into your store.

Online ordering is a simple way for your Food and Beverage businesses to increase sales and maximise profit in 2021.

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Payment Gateway

A Payment Gateway is a completely automated online service that verifies and accepts/declines payments or credit card requests on your business behalf.

A payment gateway transfers your customers transaction information directly to the bank for automatic verification. The system will either approve or decline the request based on the information provided by the customer.

The key benefit of a payment gateway is secure transactions, rapid transaction processing and it's customisable features. You can select payment days, customer creidt limits and even refuse orders from customers who owe you an amount. 

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Integrated Accounting:

Integrated accounting is combining your accounting system to your management software.

Integrating Xero accounting with your day to day management software gives your business one centralised location to manage your business.

The key benefit of integrated accounting is your business avoids costly accounting errors associated with duplicate data entry and limits your accountant fees. 

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