5 Common Administration Mistakes Food & Beverage Businesses Make – How Your Business Can Avoid Them

11 Oct 2022 Helpful Tips

Administration tasks are always going to be a part of running a Business. As much as you can automate many tasks in 2022, there will always be some tasks that simply cannot be completed in any other way other than requiring staff to perform.

With that being said, many Food & Beverage businesses make many tedious administration mistakes which cost them time, money, and customers.

Here are 5 Common Administration Mistakes Food & Beverage Businesses Make in 2022 and How your business can avoid them.

1. Not Following the Correct Process

The biggest administration mistake that any business can make is not sticking to the agreed process. When someone doesn’t stick to the process, you increase the risk of making a costly error and having something vital slip through the cracks.

To reduce the risk of making a costly error, it is important that your staff stick to the agreed process when performing any administration task. Your business needs to ensure staff are trained appropriately and understand the process from back to front. The more comfortable your staff are with the process, the less likely they will be to try to find alternatives to complete the job.

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2. Not Entering All Data Into your Management Systems

Another common mistake that so many Food and beverage businesses make when performing administrative tasks is not entering all information into their appropriate management system. When this happens, businesses often find things tend to go missing.

When it comes to taking and fulfilling customer food or beverage orders, accuracy is imperative. Your business needs to ensure you record and input details correctly or you could lose the customer to the competition. It is important that your staff are recording customer requests accurately and are placing them into their necessary software or location.

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3. No Staff Accountability

To operate a successful Food and Beverage business, you need to keep staff accountable. Your Staff need to be accountable for their actions, roles, and responsibilities.

To get the best out of your staff it is important that you assign relevant goals and KPIs. The benefit of implementing tangible performance indicators is it keeps your staff accountable for their actions. When staff know what they have to meet, it creates a better and more efficient working environment as everyone is working together to reach their assigned business goals.

4. Not Following Up On Assigned Tasks

The worst thing that your business can do is not follow up on staff’s assigned tasks. How would you know if staff completed the job correctly? How would you know if they completed it at all? You wouldn’t…

To maximise performance, it is important that your business frequently follows up with staff on key administration tasks. The benefit of following up with your staff on progress of tasks is you will instantly know whether something is finished or not. If something has not been completed, you can help or implement strategies to get the task completed before they create a problem for either your business or the customer.

5. Too Complex Process

The harder your businesses administration process is, the more mistakes will be made. Many businesses implement long or complex processes which both confuse staff and heighten the risk of making a costly mistake.

It is important that your business tries to keep your administration process as simple as possible. When something is simple and easy to understand, staff will be able to remember and complete the job independently and with no mistakes.

Another added benefit of having a simple process is it makes it easier for you to train new staff when current team members move on.

Final Word,

Administration is always going to be a part of running a Food and Beverage business. The way your business completes administration tasks will have a great impact on costs and customer retention. To maximise administration, it is important that you train staff, keep them accountable and follow up on completion.

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