5 Signs Your Businesses Ordering Process is Costing you Sales

06 Sep 2022

When it comes to running a food and beverage business, your ordering process will determine whether a customer chooses you or the competition. To be successful buying and selling food and beverage products, businesses need to make the ordering process as fast and as easy as possible for customers.

With that being said, many businesses continue to use dated or manual ordering methods unaware of the impacts it has on customer acquisition and retention.

Here are 5 signs your Businesses Ordering Process is Costing you Sales.

1. Potential Customers Bounce Without Converting

The most common sign that a businesses ordering process is costing sales is having potential customers leave without purchasing. When this happens, it often comes down to one or two things, price or ordering process.

To avoid losing potential customers, your business needs to offer the fastest, easiest, and most accessible ordering methods. The number one ordering tool for food and beverage businesses in 2022 is an Online Ordering Website. The benefit of having an online ordering website is customers can select, order, and buy products from your business at a time that suits them best. The easier your business makes ordering for customers, thee more sales you will generate, it’s really that simple.

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2. Your Business Only Offers Manual Ordering Methods

If your business only caters for orders via SMS or Email, you are losing hundreds of potential sales. Over the last two years, customers have transitioned their ordering preferences to entirely online, the reason being, it’s faster and easier.

To stay competitive, businesses need to offer a flexible, online ordering process for customers. Customers don’t have the time or the patience anymore to manually text or email their orders every week. Having an Online Ordering Website ultimately simplify the customer ordering process and gives customers flexibility to order in their own time.

3. Potential Customers Leave Items in Online Basket

A telltale sign that your businesses ordering process is not working is having potential customers leave items in their online baskets without purchasing. What this often says is customers are interested in buying products from your business, but something is putting them off.

There are often two main reasons why customers leave items in their basket without purchasing. The first reason is the purchasing process is too complex or the website doesn’t cater for their preferred payment method.

Before your business starts trading online it is so important that you make the online purchasing process as easy as possible. Your website also needs to have flexible payment options that cater for a variety of different payment providers. It is best practice to test your websites ordering journey on a select handful of customers prior to publishing to get a gage on if your process is suitable or not.

4. You Have Not Updated Your Ordering Process

The Food and Beverage Industry has changed dramatically over the last 3 years. The way customers purchase products in 2022 is much different to the way they purchased them in 2019. With that being said, your business needs to adapt your ordering method to meet current customer expectations and preferences. Even if your business may not agree or like new ordering processes, you need to adapt to the customer or you will ultimately lose them to the competition.

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5. Customers Don’t Return After Initial Purchase

A concerning sign that shows your businesses ordering process is broken is having customers not return to purchase again. What this says is something has gone wrong, whether it be price, product, service etc.

To avoid running into this issue, it is important that your business seeks customer feedback. The best thing about receiving customer feedback is you can adapt your offering to better suit their needs and have them return to purchase again in the future.

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Final Word,

The ordering process is arguably the most important part of running a Food and Beverage business. If your business has an old or difficult ordering process, you will struggle to attract and retain customers. The 5 examples mentioned above are common signs that your businesses ordering process is costing you sales and can be avoided through the solutions presented.

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