5 Signs Your Online Ordering Website Is Ineffective

25 Oct 2022 Helpful Tips

Having a strong Online Ordering Website is the key to success in the Food and Beverage Industry. To have a strong Online Ordering Website it needs to have all the features that customers look for and more importantly, simplify the customer’s ordering process.

Many F&B businesses continue to find themselves in dilemma wondering why their website isn’t producing the results as expected.

Here are 5 Signs Your Online Ordering Website is Ineffective and costing you sales.

1. No Customer Orders

The first and most obvious sign that your businesses Online Ordering Website is ineffective is receiving little or no customer orders. If your business is failing to generate orders through your Online Ordering Website, more often than not there is a problem with your website.

When it comes to generating orders through your website, you need to ensure that the order process is simple. If your online ordering process is too complex, customers will seek easier alternative options.

The key to having a successful online ordering website is having an easy-to-use website design. When a customer enters your website, they should instantly know how to find what they are looking for and complete a purchase in no more than 5 minutes. The longer it takes, the greater the risk of losing a customer.

2. High Abandonment

The second most telltale sign that your Online Ordering Website is ineffective is having a high customer abandonment. When you dig through your websites analytics and you find many customers are placing products in their basket and failing to complete the sale, it often means there is a problem with your order process.

Recent studies show that if a customer gets stuck during any part of the ordering process, they are 25% more likely to leave before completing the order. Before you publish your Online Ordering Website it is important that you test the purchasing journey and see how long it takes for you to complete. You need to ensure that the process from product selection to payment is fast, easy, and self-explanatory.

3. Low Traffic

This may seem obvious, but it cannot be understated. If your website does not generate traffic, you are not going to generate sales. Online Ordering websites aren’t as simple as create one and sales will automatically come. Your business needs to work in the background to acquire and get your current customers to purchase through the website.

Many businesses make the mistake of creating an Online Ordering Website and letting it sit there. The problem with this is you will often produce mediocre results. Once you have created a website you need to ensure you are directing all your current customers to use it at a minimum. Your business should also implement fundamental SEO strategies to help the website rank better on online search engines.

Having a successful Online Ordering Website won’t happen overnight. It takes having a clear strategy and adapting to customer preferences.

4. High Bounce Rate

One of the biggest signs that your website is ineffective is having a high bounce rate. A high bounce rate is when users leave your website without visiting another page or taking action.

If your business finds that you are generating decent traffic but not enough sales, there is a high chance that you have a high bounce rate. If you have a high bounce rate that usually means that your website design is ineffective. Potential customers may be having trouble operating your website and finding where they need to go.

It is so important that your website design is easy to read, understand and operate. Customers should instantly know were to go to order without needing any assistance. Before you publish your website, it is always best practice to receive feedback and test the design on close friends to make sure you have the best user experience.

5. Low Retention Rate

The last and most concerning sign that your Online Ordering Website is ineffective is having customers who have ordered through your website before, not return to purchase again in the future.

When this happens it often signals issues with your website’s ordering process. To maximise customer retention and to improve your user experience, it is always best to seek feedback from your customers after they have purchased through your website.

Ask them to rate the experience, get them to offer any feedback or suggestions, this way you can adapt your website offering to better suit their needs.

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Final Word,

Online Ordering Websites are not a set and forget tool. To have a successful Online Ordering Website you need to have a clear strategy in place and adapt to the customer. If you find your Online Ordering Website isn’t performing how you should, it could mean there is a problem with your design and order process.

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