Customer payments made easy

01 Apr 2021

Do you have problems getting your customers to pay up? How long do you spend chasing up unpaid invoices? These tasks take up hours every week and ends up hurting your cashflow and productivity.

It’s exciting times here at EasyVend, we have implemented a brand new “Pay now” feature for all online order customers using the Payment Gateway . This new feature simplifies your customers payment process making it fast and easy to pay their invoice.

Using this feature customers can instantly pay their invoices by clicking a button attached to the standard email invoice. All your customers now need to do is add their credit card details and click submit.

Not only does this simplify the customers purchasing journey but it streamlines your business accounting and receipting. Linked with EasyVend once a customer has paid the invoice your business is automatically paid, receipted and stock is adjusted in your EasyVend system. Slashing your current manual and time-consuming payment process. You don’t need to lift a finger!

How does it work?

All payments and transactions are controlled through a PCI compliant Payment Gateway system.

A payment gateway is an automated online service that verifies and accepts or declines payments and credit card requests on your business behalf.

A payment gateway transfers your customers transaction information directly to the bank for automatic verification. The system will either approve or decline the request based on the information provided by your customer.

Why does my business need a payment gateway?

A payment gateway offers food and beverage businesses with complete centralised online solution for all payments.

The benefits of a payment gateway include.

  • Reduction in Fraud
  • Gets rid of bad debts
  • Quick transaction processing
  • Customisable to your preferences
  • Invoice is generated and sent automatically at the correct interval
  • The payment is taken automatically at the agreed time
  • The payment is automatically allocated and receipted to the correct invoice.
  • Your whole process is automated.

The new EasyVend Web is the complete web-based system delivering instant solutions to the biggest problems vendors and distributors face today. For a free no-obligation demo of EasyVend please contact us on 1300 473 744 or submit the form below.

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