EasyVend Web Success Story

23 Jun 2021

EasyVend is committed to creating simplified solutions that grow your business and reduce your overheads.

Simon from Illawarra Premium Food & Beverages talks about his success using EasyVend Web.

“For us at Illawarra Premium Foods, the new EasyVend Web software has been a massive game-changer. We use it for Online Ordering, Inventory Management and to chase debts. The way it has been set up makes it so easy to use across every aspect of our business.

The biggest benefit has been the amount of time we have saved on tedious, everyday manual tasks. I’ll give you an example. Before this, we did not have an online ordering system and took orders via text messages. The process was cumbersome because we had to manually input every order into the system. Worse still, manually keying in an order wrongly meant we risked sending the customer the wrong products which then meant we had to spend valuable fixing up the mistake.

The team at EasyVend supported our move to online ordering seamlessly. We have now managed to transition 98 percent of our customers to the online ordering website, which has streamlined our processes and eliminated so many frustrations. Our customers are happier for it because everything runs like a well-oiled machine. It is now so easy to pull up any order, check statuses and payments and because it is all now web based, we can access EasyVend from anywhere at any time.

EasyVend Web is not just fast and efficient, but it is incredibly easy to learn and has saved us so much time in our business.

We highly recommend giving it a shot!”

Simon Grozdanovski - Illawarra Premium Food & Beverages

For food vendors and distributors, EasyVend supports and automates every part of your business, freeing you up to grow your sales unlike other ERP systems that are designed more for wholesale suppliers than for you

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