How Automation Is Changing The Beverage Distribution Industry

23 Mar 2021 Helpful Tips

Are you still taking order by phone, email, or SMS? Are you still using the same process you used 5 years ago?

The beverage distribution industry is constantly changing, the process you were using 5 years ago may not be as effective for your business today. In this post we will explain automation in the beverage distribution industry and how it is changing the way distributors operate.

Automation is a algorithm that is programmed to achieve business outcomes with minimal to no human input. Automation removes repetitive manual tasks - opening your doors for increased efficiency and business growth.

Here's how automation is changing the beverage distribution industry.

1. Automation eliminates manual tasks and errors

Manually recording orders takes time and often leads to errors. This is where automation is so helpful. 

Using an order management system like EasyVend, the system will automatically record order details, adjust stock levels and allocate receipts without the need of human input. 

2. Automation increases your business efficiency

As a beverage distributor you are already flat out – from taking orders to delivery and everything in between you need to juggle so many different things. Automating simple day-to-day tasks such as ordering, invoicing, receipting and reporting will increase your workshop efficiency overnight. Order management systems like EasyVend collates data entered in it completes common tasks as designed. 

3. Automation saves you money!

The biggest frustration for all food and beverage businesses is chasing up payments from customers. Distributors can automate complex payment processes through a payment gateway.

Payments are taken automatically at the greed time and correctly allocated and receipted to the correct invoice.

We get it, changing your day-to-day routine is tough but automating simple common tasks will open up so many opportunities for your business. 

Automation is changing the way beverage distributors are operating in 2021.

Where EasyVend can help?

EasyVend Web by Jeal offers Beverage distribution business with a complete, simple and adaptable management software that eliminates repetitive manual tasks.

All everyday tasks such as ordering, stock control, receipting, electronic invoicing, dockets and so much more are automated - giving you more time to focus on future growth.

Whether you are juice distributor, water distributor, milk distributor or anything in between EasyVend has the complete solution for you.  Submit the form below for a FREE no-obligation demo of EasyVend.

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