How to Grow Traffic to Your Online Ordering Website

06 Dec 2022 Helpful Tips

There is no point having an Online Ordering Website if it doesn’t generate sales. The only way that your business is going to generate sales through your Online Ordering is by having strong web traffic.

Generating a high number of web visitors to your Online Ordering Website is no easy task and won’t happen overnight. In saying that, as a Food & Beverage Business owner, what can you do to increase traffic?

EasyVend has put together 8 proven ways your business can grow traffic to your Online Ordering Website.

Let’s get into it!

1. Mobile Friendly is the Key

Recent studies have found that nearly 60% of all web searches come from a Mobile Device. To maximise traffic to your Online Ordering Website it is absolutely essential that your website is Mobile Compatible.

Ensuring your website is Mobile Friendly is one thing, but just as important is your mobile user experience. Your business needs to ensure customers can easily access and proceed with the ordering process through their mobile device without experiencing any troubles or limitations. Having a mobile friendly website will help your business target and capture all types of customers no matter what device they use!

2. User Experience

Believe it or not, your websites user experience will play a huge role in traffic acquisition.

How do most people find a business to buy from? They go onto Google or another search engine and search for a business. To generate strong results, it is important to rank among the first few options. The better your website ranks online, the more traffic you will generate. One of the ways that Google and other search engines rank websites is by their user experience.

To strengthen your Websites User Experience, it is important that you review and adapt your websites layout to build better customer engagement with your website. Ensure you have all the features that customers look for and you offer a seamless ordering experience. The better your websites user experience is, the more traffic you will generate.

3. Implement an SEO Strategy

On the topic of SEO, you cannot underestimate SEOs importance on website traffic acquisition. Having a strong SEO strategy in place is by far the best and cheapest way to generate more web visitors to your Online Ordering Website.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process used to optimise a website's technical configuration and content relevance so its pages can become easily findable in search engines. The benefit of having a strong SEO strategy is you will gain additional visitors to your website organically.

Think about it if you are a customer looking for a Food & Beverage Online Ordering Business and your website is one of the first option that appears in search engines, you are likely to generate the majority of the traffic! The only way that your website can achieve the top positions is to implement a strong SEO strategy.

To learn how to create an SEO strategy. HubSpot has put together a complete, free online guide which can be accessed here.

4. Market Your Website

There are no ways around it, the only way that your website is going to generate more traffic is by Marketing. You cannot just create an Online Ordering Website and expect it to generate thousands of visitors, it takes a lot of work and strong marketing.

To increase your websites traffic, it important that you implement a Marketing Strategy. Promote your website on your social media profiles, email your customers letting them know to use the website, any way you think you can spread the word about your website, do it!

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5. Paid Advertising

If you are looking to increase your Web traffic fast there is always the option of implementing paid advertising. Using Paid Advertising can and will help your business generate additional traffic to the website instantly.

Placing an advertisement on Google or other search engines will place your website directly in the forefront of relatable, targeted customers to access. It is important to note that online advertising in the Food & Beverage sector is not cheap. To see good results, you will need to invest heavily on your advertising spend.

6. List Your Business

This point is often missed by so many businesses. A simple and relatively quick way to generate more traffic to your website is to list your website online.

There are hundreds of listing websites available online such as Google My Business, Bing Places, and more importantly specific Food & Beverage listers. The benefit of listing your website online is your website will appear when someone conducts a search or uses the particular listing website. Another positive of listing your business is many listing websites are completely free!

7. Seek Customer Reviews

93% of Online Buyers use customer reviews to determine who to buy with. To generate more traffic to your Online Ordering Website you need to build and grow your online reviews.

After a customer has purchased from your Online Ordering Website, ask them to leave a review of the service online. The benefit of leaving a review online is it builds your businesses awareness, trust and more importantly will help convince new customers to click on your website when they find you via a relevant search engine.

8. Direct Your Current Customers to Use the Website

This one may seem obvious, but you would be surprised how many businesses fail to do it! To generate more traffic to your website you need to get your current customers to use the website as their primary ordering method.

Whenever you gain a customer, try to direct them to place an order through your website only. The benefit of this is you centralise your ordering in one destination and reduce having to manually take and process orders through SMS & Email plus, you will generate more traffic, it’s a win-win!

Final Word,

Growing your businesses Online Ordering Websites’ traffic won’t happen overnight. To grow web traffic, you need to have a strong plan in place and constantly adapt to market changes. The 8 tips presented are proven ways your business can increase web traffic in 2022.

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