Best Ways to Market Your B2B Food & Beverage Business

02 Aug 2022 Helpful Tips

Marketing. It’s one of the most important parts of running a business. Without Marketing you won’t acquire customers and without customers you have no business. With that being said, to be successful in the Australian Food and Beverage Industry your business needs to have a strategic marketing plan in place that captures customer attention.

Here are the best ways to Market your B2B Food and Beverage Business in 2022.

1. Online Reviews

81% of Australians use Online Reviews to determine who to buy from. One of the best ways to market your B2B Food and Beverage business in 2022 is by using Online Reviews.

Customers want to see what a business has done for others before they spend their hard-earned money with them. After you have sold a product to a customer, ask them to leave a review of your service online. Even offer them a small incentive like a discount on a future order as leverage to get them to do so. The more positive reviews your business receives online, the more likely customers will be to purchase from you.

The best part about Online Reviews is it is a cheap form of marketing. Your business doesn’t need to pay hundreds if not thousands on advertising to see good customer acquisition results.

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2. Referral Program

Another great and cheap way your business can market to customers is by introducing a customer referral program. Not many F&B businesses use referral marketing, so it makes it a great opportunity that your business to take advantage of.

Introducing a Referral Program is quite easy, all your business needs to do is inform your current customers of a program that you run where they can earn money, order discounts or whatever incentive you want to give in favor of them giving you a customer referral. The benefit of receiving a customer referral is you can gain a valuable customer at a fraction of the regular marketing and customer acquisition cost.

3. Online Advertising

The fastest way to market any business is Online Advertising. Online Advertising is always a great way to capture new customers, however the disadvantage is that it does carry larger costs. With that being said there are ways to minimise your online advertising spend and still see exceptional results.

The benefit of using Online Advertising as a marketing medium is it opens your businesses doors to endless amounts of customers who may have never heard of your business. The whole Online Advertising process is trial and error. You are never going to perfect your advertising strategy right away. It takes time to understand what works and what doesn’t. Before your business begins advertising online it is important you implement a fixed budget spend or you could risk paying large costs.

4. Print Advertising

Even as the world shifts to digital, print marketing is still a very impactful marketing medium for businesses. A good way to market your business is by taking out small advertisements in industry specific magazines.

Do some research online and find some relevant food and beverage industry magazines and see if they have options for you to take out a small ad. The benefit of targeting an industry specific magazine is you are targeting an audience that are only interested in that topic which means you can receive more relevant customers.

5. Trade Show / Expo

One of the best marketing strategies for b2b Food and Beverage Businesses is Trade Shows and Expos. Similarly, to print marketing, exhibiting at a trade show gives your business the ability to target and engage with relevant customers only. Your business can network with other business and also find better ways to enhance both your operations and your customer base.

Final Word,

Marketing is a vital part of running a Food and Beverage business. The way your business markets will determine whether your business is successful or not. The 5 strategies mentioned above are a few great ways your b2b food and beverage business can market in 2022.

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