How Using an Order Management System Helps Customers

18 May 2022 Helpful Tips


Believe it or not the systems your Food and Beverage Business uses has a major impact on your customers. Customers are the most important part of any business, if you don’t have customers, you don’t have a business. With that being said you need to make sure the systems you have in place leverage customer satisfaction, or you could risk losing them the competition.

An Order Management System (OMS) is a web-based management system that allows Food and Beverage Businesses to manage and automate daily operational tasks. The best way of describing an OMS is it is the brain of your business; it manages all day-to-day processes to make sure you operate smoothly and efficiently.

Many F&B businesses don't realise that an OMS has just has much impact on customers than it does on your business. Here’s how.

Automates the Ordering Process

For so long customers have had to accept the manual and time-consuming SMS or Email ordering process. One of the greatest advantages of using an Order Management System is you can offer an integrated Online Ordering option for Customers.

The benefit of offering Online Ordering is it simplifies and automates your customers ordering process. In the click of a button a customer can order their regular products at a time that suits them best. For recurring customers, they can pre-select a recurring order and sit back and wait for delivery. Customers are busier than ever in 2022, businesses need to adapt to faster and more efficient ways of doing business. Offering Integrated Online Ordering will simplify your order taking and fulfilment process and streamline your customers purchasing journey.

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Accurate Order Management

Another great benefit of using an Order Management System is it centralises and streamlines your businesses order management. Once a customer has placed an order through your businesses Online Ordering Website, the order request and information will automatically sync to your management system and update all relevant fields.

With customer order information automatically syncing to the management system this limits the risk of fulfilment and stock errors. On top of this your team won’t need complete duplicate data entry tasks that are common with manual ordering systems. The less mistakes made during the order management and fulfilment process, the better position your business will be in and more importantly the happier your customer will be.

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Automatic Customer Order Reminders

The ultimate goal for any business is to have customers return. One of the best ways that an OMS helps increase retention rates is through Customer Order Reminders. Using an OMS, Vendors and Distributors can automate customer order reminders to be sent to customers via text or email at a selected time of their choosing.

In the click of a button, businesses can set preferences that automatically remind customers who have not ordered at their regular interval that your cut off is approaching. Sending order reminders to valued customers shows that your business is looking out for their best interests. The more you look out for customers, the more they will return.

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Simplified Payments

A benefit of using an OMS is it simplifies your customers payment process. Using an Automatic Credit Card Payment System, customers can pay for orders seamlessly in the click of a button using your Online Ordering Website.

The benefit for customers is it speeds up their ordering process. They no longer need to manually type out a business account enter the amount and pay every time they order. They now are able to link their preferred payment method to the account and pay in a few easy steps. The benefit for Food and Beverage businesses is it reduces the risk of debtors and ultimately gets you paid faster!

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Final Word,

An Order Management System can and will impact your customers just as much as it impacts your business. It is important that the systems you have set up in your business increases efficiencies, decreases costs, and most importantly simplifies the customer journey. An OMS is the best tool for Australian Food and Beverage businesses in 2022.

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