Why Australian Food Distribution Businesses MUST have an Online Ordering Website

23 Nov 2021 Helpful Tips

Online Ordering is changing the Food and Beverage industry. You have to admit, there isn’t a day that goes by where we don’t use the internet to look for things we want to buy. As Australian consumers shift to online as their preferred method of ordering, an online ordering e-commerce website is something Australian Food and Beverage Distribution businesses just can’t do without.

Here are 5 reasons why Australian Food and Beverage Distribution businesses must have an online ordering website in 2021.

1. Creates a brand-new sales channel

Are you still taking orders by SMS or Email? Sure, taking orders either over the phone or by email is okay, but it will only get you so far. How will potential customers who don’t know about your business find out about you? Without an online website, they couldn’t!

An Online Ordering website increases your businesses visibility to potential customers and creates a brand-new sales channel. Potential customers will be able to search online, locate your business and order your products.

One of the main reasons why Food and Beverage businesses fail is because they get caught up working in the business instead of on the business. An online ordering website creates a brand-new sales channel to grow revenue and leverage future growth.

2. Gives Customer flexibility

If your Distribution business does not have an online ordering website, you’re making your customers ordering process so much harder. To acquire and retain customers for your distribution business you need to make their ordering and payment process easy!

Using an online ordering website, customers can log in, click, and order products in seconds without needing to manually call, text or email. This gives customers the flexibility to order when it suits them best!

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3. Your competitors are online

Keep your customers close but keep your competition closer. If your business doesn’t have an online ordering website there is a good chance your competitors do.

Put yourself in a potential customers shoes, they will search for a local food distributor online, if your businesses doesn’t appear, but your competitors do, the customers will instantly go with them – mainly because they don’t even know you exist!

If this happens, your distribution business could lose thousands in revenue and impact cashflow. Not having an online ordering website instantly puts you behind your competition.

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4. Customers expect an online ordering website

45% of Australians won’t even consider buying from a business who doesn’t have an online ordering website. In 2021, having an online ordering website is now an expectation. If your distribution business doesn’t have an online ordering website, potential customers will be sceptical about the legitimacy of your business.

5. Automates your entire ordering process

Using a Food and Beverage management software like EasyVend, distributors can automate their entire ordering process. EasyVend Food and Beverage Management software integrates with EasyVend Online Ordering websites.

Once a customer places an order through your online ordering website, all data and information will instantly transfer from the website to your management system. Your stock will automatically update, a receipt will be generated, payment will be debited and an invoice will be distributed without you needing to do anything!

Final Word,

Online ordering is now an expectation in the Food and Beverage industry. If your distribution business doesn’t have an online ordering website, you will be instantly putting yourself behind your competition. To be successful in 2021, distribution business must have a dedicated online ordering website for customers.

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Where EasyVend can help?

EasyVend by Jeal specialises in creating professionally designed, responsive and user-friendly online ordering websites for Australian and New Zealand Food and Beverage Distribution Businesses.

EasyVend Online Ordering Websites integrate to EasyVend Food and Beverage management software – giving you one centralised ordering and management solution.

EasyVend websites are easy to use with one-on-one training provided – No IT experience required.

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