Simplifying The Truck Delivery Process for Food and Beverage Distributors

03 May 2021

EasyVend by Jeal has updated its handheld mobile module to simplify the truck delivery process for food and delivery businesses from start to finish.

The software is a valuable business tool to all distributors and suppliers of dairy, bread, and beverage products.

This mobile application is available to download on both iOS and Android devices.

EasyVend Web’s delivery module allows businesses to enter orders, get instant proof of delivery, add customer payments, add new customers, modify standard orders and more while on the run – bringing more flexibility and efficiency to the truck delivery process through advanced automation. With EasyVend distributors no longer need to carry paper POF to delivery schedules again!

The process is simple. An order placed in EasyVend automatically syncs to the device. The home screen will display details like delivery date, truck details and rounds. Drivers can update data onsite, saving businesses hours of duplicate data entry every week. For example, the driver can change the status to ‘delivered’ on the device, which then syncs to EasyVend in real-time provided there is an Internet connection. The sync can occur back and forth after each order if there is Internet. If not, this sync occurs automatically at the end of the day’s deliveries.

The delivery screen on the device manages actual customer deliveries. Orders created in EasyVend will appear instantly in the mobile application. The driver can add or edit deliveries, email dockets and receipts, get proof of delivery with sign-on glass technology, view customer details and product lists, and add payments at anytime, if a run needs to be changed this could be adjusted instantly.

The sign-and-deliver option is used to obtain a customer signature for proof of delivery. This can be emailed to the customer directly from the mobile device, eliminating delivery and payment disputes in the future. Invoices can also be issued to customers through the mobile device if needed.

EasyVend includes everyday business needs like receipting, invoicing, standard orders, dockets, inventory control and much more. It enables distributors and suppliers to track and manage customers for instant results and complete transparency.

Businesses can also take advantage of an online ordering website with the option to customise pricing to each customer and accept online payments through secure payment gateway technology – reducing the risk of late payments and cash flow problems down the track.

EasyVend provides food & beverage suppliers and distributors with a truly integrated software solution that takes care of all their business needs in one central platform. Reducing time spent on manual tasks and double data entry allows businesses to focus on growing their customer base and long-term profitability.

This mobile feature is only available through the EasyVend software.

Fast, Easy, Simple, EasyVend Web is the complete comprehensive system for food and beverage vendors and distributors.

Get set up in 10 minutes or less, fast data imports, no software downloads or upgrades and full training and support from a local team.

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