What Software Does A B2B Food & Beverage Distributor Need?

18 Oct 2022 Helpful Tips

Thinking of starting a b2b Food & Beverage Business and not sure what software you need?

EasyVend has put together the 5 essential software systems that b2b Food & Beverage businesses need to operate successfully in 2022.

Let’s get into it!

1. Food & Beverage Management Software

The most important software that a Food and Beverage Distributor needs in 2022 is a Food and Beverage Management Software. A Food and Beverage Management Software is an industry specific; management software automates many daily tasks of running a b2b Food and Beverage business.

A Food and Beverage Management Software is a central software application where distributors can control their everyday operational tasks like ordering, invoicing, receipting, stock management, dockets, route management, customer payments and more.

The biggest benefit of using a Food and Beverage management software is it will save your business thousands and give you more time to focus on fulfilling and delivering customer orders.

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2. Online Ordering Website

The second most important software application that you need to operate a b2b Food and Beverage Business is an Online Ordering Website. An Online Ordering website is a central destination where your customers can find, place, and pay for orders directly, without having to manually call or email their requests.

Your online ordering website needs to be self-explanatory and easy for customers to navigate from order start to finish. The main aim of having an Online Ordering website is to simplify a customer’s buying journey.

Before you publish your website, it is best practice to test the website on a handful of close contacts to see if the website does everything required. This way you can quickly correct any issues prior to launch.

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3. Accounting Software

All businesses need an accounting software to manage and record all financials coming in and going out of the business. Your Food and Beverage businesses will need to implement an accounting software that caters for b2b food and beverage operations.

Businesses should look at accounting providers that offer integration options. The benefit of having an integrated accounting system is all financial information and transactions will automatically sync from the program of entry to the other integrated program once entered – removing duplicate data entry tasks. Integrated accounting will save your business thousands in accounting and labor costs every year!

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4. Payment Gateway

One of the most important software’s that b2b food and beverage businesses needs is a Payment Gateway System.

The benefit of having a Payment Gateway system is it automates the entire customer payment and invoicing process.

  • Customer Invoices are automatically generated and sent at the specified interval
  • Customer Payments are automatically taken at the correct time
  • Customer Payments are automatically allocated and receipted to the correct invoice.

There are many payment gateways available for Food and Beverage businesses in Australia. Each provider will have their own terms, conditions, and pricing structures. It is important that you understand and compare all providers before choosing.

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5. Online Business Listings

To reach potential customers, your b2b Food and Beverage needs to have an Online Business listing on each major search engine.

The benefit of having a business listing on each search engine like Google, Bing and Yahoo is it gives potential buyers the ability to find your business and learn about the products you sell by simply searching in relevant terms like “local food and beverage distributor”.

Final Word

The software that your business uses will play a huge role in determining whether you are successful or not. The 5 software’s presented are essential to operating a b2b Food and Beverage business in 2022.

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