Why Accountants Are Recommending Xero for Food Distribution Businesses?

01 Sep 2021

Ask any accountant and they will tell you how hard it is managing the books of a food distribution business. With the industry facing long wait times for payment, and increasing product costs, managing the books has never been harder!

As a food distributor, you juggle many different tasks. Your priority is to provide great products and generate a healthy profit. With all the stresses experienced on a day-to-day basis the last thing you want is to be worrying about accounting. 

If you ask any accountant who deals with the food distribution industry, they will highly recommend Xero for your business accounting. Xero accounting is a cloud-based accounting platform that simplifies accounting through integration to management systems – offering a seamless financial experience.

Going into the back end of 2021 simplified accounting has never been more important for your food or beverage distribution business. Here’s why accountants are recommending Xero for Australian food distribution businesses.

Gets your bookkeeping done faster...

There’s no surprise why 3 million small businesses worldwide use Xero. Xero simplifies a largely complex bookkeeping process – saving businesses hours of time and costs. Xero provides distributors with an easy, accurate and reliable accounting service that automatically completes tasks that use to be done manually. From importing financial transactions to reporting, the easy-to-use system gets your books completed faster!

One of the key benefits of Xero is it transforms the way businesses collaborate through integration with external management systems. For example, Xero integrates with EasyVend food and beverage management system. Distributors and accountants can instantly transfer financial information from program to program in real time -removing all manual data entry tasks.

Using the integration when a customer places an order through EasyVend, the system will instantly adjust stock, generate an invoice, send a receipt, and transfer the transaction information into Xero ready for your bookkeeper to complete.

To read more about the EasyVend and Xero integration click here.

Centralises your businesses financials

One of the biggest mistakes many businesses make is not frequently reporting on their financial standing. I know what you are thinking! But you would be surprised how many businesses fail to frequently assess their financial situation, it’s not out of neglect but due to limited time and resources.

As Xero is entirely cloud-based, Distributors can instantly generate tailored reports that indicate the businesses growth, profit & loss, expenses and the businesses overall financial situation. Being centralised in one location, businesses don’t need to waste valuable time trying to manually generate reports or wait for updates from the accountant.

Simplifies employee payments and reporting

Xero has an easy payroll solution that uses Single Touch Payroll (STP). The Xero accounting platform allows you to pay employees, manage superannuation, GST and automates reports to the ATO instantly after you have paid staff.

Unfortunately, dated accounting systems don’t offer businesses a complete solution that automates staff payroll, tax and superannuation that meets the current legislations. The problem with using older systems is it doubles your bookkeeper’s workload and could result in errors and non-compliance fines.

Keeps your data secure

Data security is the biggest concern for businesses who are contemplating transitioning to web-based systems. When dealing with valuable and confidential financial information you want to be sure data is safe and secure.

Xero offers businesses with a multi layered security solution via the online cloud. Your data is converted into an unrecognisable industry standard data encrypted code. No one can access your businesses confidential data unless invited to the system – including the provider. You control what users can see and do in the system.

Integrates to EasyVend Management Software

The greatest benefit for Vendors and Distributors is Xero integrates with EasyVend. Using a two-way data sync the EasyVend + Xero integration gives food distribution businesses one complete centralised solution for the management of their business.

To-way syncing is the process of data being instantly transferred from one system to the other, and back again. Because the syncing process between EasyVend and Xero is two ways, distributors can enter a transaction into either system and instantly the program will copy it to the adjoining system without any human input.

In conclusion,

The food and beverage industry is constantly evolving, having a accounting solution in place that automates the complexities involved with payroll, reporting and tax will significantly increase your businesses efficiency - opening your doors for greater growth and profitability.

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