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17 Aug 2021 Helpful Tips

Using multiple systems to manage your business won’t take you to the next level. As lockdowns continue, the price of labour growing and food safety regulations changing, now isn’t the time for your business to waste hours of time on administration tasks that could have been automated.

We know too well how frustrating it is to enter data into multiple systems. It’s time consuming and there’s a high risk of error. Recent data released showed the average business spends up to 12 hours a week on manual data entry tasks. Think about it, you either need to employ someone to input data or you have to take a staff member off their normal job to complete these simple tasks. The impact on your business is enormous.

Automating your day-to-day tasks has never been more important for food and beverage distribution businesses. Automation will reduce your costs, increase your efficiency, and open your businesses doors for future growth.

What is Automation and how does it apply to my business?

Automation is defined as the use of technology to execute recurring daily tasks and processes in a situation where manual effort can be replaced.

The aim of automation is to streamline processes, increase efficiency and minimise overheads - giving businesses greater avenues for growth. When you implement a system to automate your repetitive tasks you will be able to reduce costs associated with that process.

In order to get the most benefit out of automation you need to evaluate where you in your business life cycle. What recurring tasks do you find yourself doing? What are the costs associated with completing those tasks?

Here are a few examples of everyday tasks that can be automated.

1. Receiving orders from a customer

If you find yourself taking orders vis phone, SMS or email, you will already know how complicated the process is. Using a food and beverage management system like EasyVend, you can automate ordering through an online ordering website. Using an online ordering website your customers can click and order products easily. After the order has been completed, the order will automatically populate the relevant areas in your system. 

2. Chasing Debtors

Debtors are far and away the biggest frustration for all food and beverage businesses. With all the challenges faced in the industry you want to be sure that you are generating strong cashflow to help keep you operating.

Using a payment gateway food distribution businesses can completely automate their entire payments process. This will save you hours every week, minimise debt, increase cashflow and leverage future growth.

To learn more how a payment gateway can help your business click here.

3. Accounting integration

We’re with you! Accounting is a challenge. Many businesses find themselves wasting time filing away invoices, receipts, and overheads for their bookkeeper to complete. The problem with this is it increases the time it takes for your bookkeeper to complete the job.

Food and beverage management systems integrate with leading accounting package Xero. Integration with Xero is two-way which means when data is entered in one system the information is instantly transferred over to the other program. This is so beneficial, as it reduces the risks of error and reduces your bookkeepers’ fees.

4. Sending Invoices

The reason why many businesses grow debtors is because the invoice process. If a customer doesn’t get an invoice instantly, they won’t be enticed to pay. One of the benefits of a food and beverage management system is you can automate your invoicing process. The automated system can instantly generate an invoice once a customer places an order. The system will also instantly email the invoice to the customer for payment. This makes such a complex process simple.

In conclusion,

As the food and beverage distribution industry rapidly changes it is so important that you automate as many tasks as possible. Automating your day-to-day tasks through a food and beverage management software will increase your efficiency, reduce your overheads, and maximise your profit.

About EasyVend

For food vendors and distributors, EasyVend supports and automates every part of your business, freeing you up to grow your sales unlike other ERP systems on the market that are designed more for wholesale supplier than for distribution businesses like yours.

EasyVend includes all your everyday tasks such as inventory management, invoicing, receipting, ordering, customer payments, online ordering – everything you need to manage your business seamlessly.

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