5 Ways Your Business Can Improve Delivery Times

26 Apr 2023 Helpful Tips

When it comes to running a supply chain business there is nothing more important than speed & delivery.

If one business can guarantee same day delivery compared to another that offers a 2-day turnaround time, which one would you pick?

That brings us to the question. How Can Your Business Improve Delivery Times?

EasyVend has put together 5 Ways Your Business Can Improve Delivery Times in 2023.

Let’s get into it.

1. Live Tracking

Technology is changing the way that Supply Chain Businesses Operate. Years ago, businesses would wait for drivers to call to let them know they were on their way back from a run to fulfil the next batch of deliveries.

One of the best ways to improve your businesses delivery times is to implement a designated live driver app. The benefit of using a driver app is it will give your business real time updates on where your drivers are, how many deliveries are left on their current run sheet and most importantly how far away they are.

Having quick access to driver positions will allow your team to plan and have orders fulfilled by the time the driver arrives. No delays, your drivers can simply return, pick up and proceed to the next batch of deliveries!

2. Automate Route Management

One of the biggest reasons why so many businesses have delivery issues is because they create and manage delivery routes on the run.

Another great way your business can improve delivery times is by automating the route management process. Using an industry specific management software like EasyVend, businesses can automate the entire route management process. Once a customer has placed their order, a delivery job automatically assigns to a driver’s run sheet for delivery. Additionally, businesses can Add/edit deliveries, on the go and whilst drivers are out on a run!

3. Open Team Collaboration

The key to having a strong delivery turnaround time is having open team collaboration. Improving delivery times doesn’t just come down to driver performance. Everything from the person who takes the order, to the fulfillment team and the driver will impact delivery times.

The only way that your business will be able to improve delivery times is by collaborating effectively. Each team member will need to pull their weight and get their tasks completed on time. A delay in any part of the ordering and fulfilment process will lead to longer delivery turn around times!

4. Centralise Operations

This may surprise you to hear but one of the main reasons why so many businesses face delivery delays is because they manage different areas of their business in multiple different software applications.

The problem with using different applications to manage different areas of your business is it limits collaboration and doesn’t put each team member on the same page.

To improve delivery turnaround times every member of the fulfilment and delivery process needs to be in sync and understand where other departments are at throughout the process.

5. Adapt

Let’s face it, the world is constantly changing. The way that businesses managed the delivery process 5 – 10 years ago is much different to the way they do it today.

To improve your business’ delivery times it is important that you keep on top of and adapt to any new changes in the industry. Keep an eye on any new technologies, tips, or advice. Adapting your processes will lead to greater efficiencies, reduced costs, and happier customers.

Final Word,

Delivery Times often make or break a business’ success. Having the fastest and most accurate delivery times will lead to happier customers and greater retention. The 5 tips presented are a few proven ways your business can improve delivery times in 2023.

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