Technology Trends that Will Change the Food & Beverage Industry in 2023

28 Feb 2023 Helpful Tips

Technology is constantly changing. Every year we see new technology developments and 2023 will be no different.

That brings us to the question, what are some new technologies that will change the way Food & Beverage businesses operate in 2023?

Here are 5 Technology Trends that will change the way Food & Beverage Businesses operate in 2023.

Let’s dive into it!

1. Contactless Payment

An increasingly popular Food & Beverage Technology trend that shows no signs of slowing down is Contactless Payments.

For years, many businesses have been contempt with the standard cash and direct debit payment methods. The problem with both options is many. From late payments to increased debtors and everything in-between. As we proceed further into 2023 it will not be uncommon to see most if not all Food & Beverage businesses transition to a completely automated contactless payment solution.

The reason why contactless payments have been exploding in popularity is because it offers business a much cheaper, reliable, and safer way of receiving customer payments. As an online system, contactless payments completely automate the payment process. Staff no longer need to spend time chasing or manually linking payment to each individual invoice. With a contactless payment system everything is automated!

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2. Business Automation

Whilst Business Automation isn’t completely new, it does expand as technology develops. A challenge many businesses face is getting caught up working in the business instead of on the business. When this happens it severely impacts growth potential and earning opportunities.

The reason why business automation technology has been and will continue to be so popular is because it reduces manual human dependence to complete daily operational tasks like Inventory management, customer payments and Ordering.

Above all else, implementing a business automation system like an OMS (Order Management Stem) will ultimately reduce expenditure and give you back time to focus on streamlining growth in the coming years.

3. Online Ordering

It’s no secret that Online Ordering has changed the way the Food and Beverage businesses operate. The rise of online ordering has been fast and dramatic, and all signs point to 2023 being another year of massive growth.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, Online Ordering has become the go-to ordering method for customers in all industries. The reason being is it’s fast, easy, and reliable for both customers and business operators.

The benefit of implementing an Online Ordering system is it will automate both your customers and your businesses ordering method. Customers can place orders online at a time that suits them best. Those orders then filter through to your business for fulfilment. No manual calls, no email orders, fast easy, simple!

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4. Electronic POD

Proof of Delivery has always been one of the most important parts of running a Food & Beverage business. For years, many businesses have been contempt with the standard manual written proof of delivery dockets.

In 2023, businesses and customers don’t have the time to manually create and wait for proof of delivery dockets. A trend that has been picking up momentum over the last 2 years has been electronic proof of delivery dockets.

The benefit of implementing an electronic proof of delivery system is it will streamline and further enhance your businesses POD process. Customers can sign on an electronic mobile and have the POD docket emailed to them automatically after the time of delivery. The benefit of this is it removes any POD issues and increases your driver efficiency allowing for bigger delivery loads.

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5. Integrated Accounting

Accounting has always been a struggle for small to medium Food and Beverage businesses. Another trend that is tipped to continue it’s growth in 2023 is integrated accounting.

Integrated accounting is the process of combing your accounting software with your management software. When a system is integrated data will automatically transfer between programs once entered.

The benefit of having an integrated accounting setup is it will streamline your accountants process resulting in lower fees.

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Final Word,

Technology will always play a huge role in operating a Food and Beverage business. To achieve on-going success it is important that your business stays on top of and implements new beneficial technology when they become available. The 5 technologies presented are predicted to change the way Food & Beverage businesses operate in 2023 and beyond.

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