What Australian Customers Look For In A F&B Distribution Business

09 Nov 2021 Helpful Tips

The food and beverage distribution industry is constantly changing! The way distributors bought and sold products 2 years ago is much different to the way they do it today.

Many Australians would previously shop with their regular distributor out of loyalty or routine, but in 2021, customers are now moving to different alternatives that offer better price and or service.

If your distribution business doesn’t have all the things that customers look for, you could risk losing thousands in potential sales.

Here are the 4 key things Australian customers look for in a food and beverage distribution business:

5-star customer service

Yeah sure, it’s obvious right? but you would be surprised how many Australian distribution business fail to do the little things right. There’s nothing more frustrating then receiving orders late, missing a product or taking an order incorrectly. A staggering 96% of customers leave a food distribution business due to poor customer service. To be successful in the food and beverage distribution industry you need to provide customer service that’s second to none.

Make your customers order and payment process easy! From the time a customer orders and pays for a product to the time the product is delivered – the entire process must be fast, simple, and easy. Simple strategies like offering online ordering, automatic credit card payments and providing electronic POD copies can make a massive difference in your customer experience.

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Online Ordering Website

We aren’t going to sugar-coat it, if your business doesn’t have an online ordering website, you’re losing thousands in potential sales! In the last 18 months, Australians have turned to online ordering as their preferred ordering method.

To acquire customers, your business must have an online ordering website that customers can use to view products, see the prices of products and order. The benefit of an online ordering website is it gives customers flexibility to order when it suits them best. They no longer need to manually text or email recurring orders.

The benefit for your distribution business is your online ordering website can integrate with your management system. When products are bought and sold, your stock take will automatically update, the system will generate a receipt, and will issue an invoice without requiring any manual input.

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Online Reviews

81% of customers won’t buy from a distribution business that has no online reviews. Potential customers want to see what your business has done for others before they decide to shop with you. Customers want to make sure you are reliable and keep your promise before parting with their hard-earned money.

Put yourself in your customers shoes, you are looking for your next distribution business, would you buy from a business that has no online reviews? The answer is most likely no. You want to know if that business has a proven track record of selling high quality products at an affordable price. 

Encourage your customers to leave reviews about your service. You need to make sure potential customers can easily see your track record and what you have done for others.

Click here to learn how to create an SMS Google Review link for your customers.


It’s no secret, Australians will most likely shop with the business that offers the cheapest price. If your products aren’t priced appropriately, you will lose customers.

We get it! you need to have a particular margin to cover expenses, but if your prices are far greater than the competition, you will quickly see your customers leave in droves.

Research your competition, see what prices they are offering and find a way to match or better their prices. Keep your customers close but your competition closer.

Final Word,

The food and beverage industry will continue to change in the coming years. To be successful you need to make your customers ordering and payment process easy. Using the tips mentioned above, your distribution business will go a long way to achieving continued success in the food and beverage industry.

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