Habits Your F&B Business Needs To Break To Be More Efficient

19 Apr 2021 Helpful Tips

How often do you review your business processes? Statistics show that only 4% of businesses review their processes every 12 months. As a food and beverage distributor you have certain habits that you do every day. But did you know that some of them could be impacting your business?

EasyVend has put together a complete guide of habits that your food and beverage business needs to break to increase efficiency and profit.

1. Taking orders manually

How long does it take you to process phone, SMS or email orders? Taking orders manually is one of the most common habits that food and beverage distributors do daily. The truth is it’s time consuming and often leads to mistakes.

You have to manually input the order into the system, create an invoice, generate a receipt and fulfil the order. There is a high chance that something could go wrong. 

Setting up an online ordering system streamlines your entire ordering process. Once a customer places an order through your dedicated online ordering website the system will instantly adjust stock levels, receipt the order, provide an invoice to the customer and debit the payment. You don't need to lift a finger!

2. Chasing up debtors

The biggest frustration faced by food and beverage businesses in 2021 is chasing debtors. This habit takes hours every week and impacts on other key areas of your business.

A quick and easy solution for this habit is implementing a Payment Gateway. A payment gateway is an automated online transaction service that verifies all payments on behalf of your business. The system automatically verifies and authorises payment, giving your businesses faster transactions, a reduced risk of fraud and a significant reduction of debtors.

3. Doing repetitive administration tasks

As a distributor your main focus should be selling great products and providing exceptional customer service! Doing repetitive manual administration tasks not only wastes your time but it increases your overheads.

A solution for this is to automate repetitive tasks through an online food and beverage management software. 

4. Using multiple systems to manage your business

Operating multiple systems to manage any business is inefficient! You need to go back and forth between programs to enter simple data.  This only ends up causing issues later.

Centralising your business operations into one program gives businesses a simplified and a adaptable solution that allows you to stay on top of everything going in and out of the business at all times.

In conclusion, breaking habits and processes that you have used for years is tough, we get it. But, with all the changes in the world in the past 12 months and the tools that are now freely available, there has never been a better time to reduce your frustrations and increase your business efficiency using the tips mentioned above.

Where EasyVend can help:

For over 40 years EasyVend has been providing simplified solutions to Food and Beverage businesses around the world. EasyVend Web is a 100% Australian owned and operated food and beverage software that automates the day-to-day tasks for food and beverage businesses.

From invoicing to receipting and everything in between, EasyVend Web has all the features needed to manage your businesses seamlessly.

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