How EasyVend Helps Distributors Get Paid On Time

01 Mar 2021 Helpful Tips

How many hours do you waste chasing up up customers for payment? There’s nothing worse than wasting valuable time chasing up debtors. Unless you can settle outstanding payments quickly, before you know it, you could be facing a serious cashflow hole.

Using the latest technologies, the new EasyVend Web eliminates common payment frustrations - making operating a food distribution business more efficient and streamlined today.

Here’s how EasyVend helps distributors get paid on time:

Receive Payments Instantly

Common manual payment processes can take days to show up in your account. The worst thing about manual payments is all the time you need to manually allocate every payment to an individual invoice. Not only will your debtors list increase but your business productivity will decline.

EasyVend removes this issue by providing a pay now option. In a single click, EasyVend direct debits the total amount from the customers provided credit card or bank account. This is all done through the Payment Gateway. A payment gateway is a completely automated online service that verifies and accepts/declines payments or credit card requests on behalf of your business.

To learn more about the Payment Gateway click here.

Restrict orders from being placed until payment is made

Some customers who already owe an amount will continue to order and accumulate more debt. This only creates a larger hole for you business.

Using EasyVend, Food and Beverage business can implement a payment system that restricts orders from being placed by current customers who already owe an amount. You can also enforce credit limits & auto customer debits to further avoid overdue invoices.

Auto payments for repeat customers

Many of your customers are repeat customers. Having a system in place that bills repeat customers at a specific time will reduce your debts.

EasyVend allows food & beverage businesses to set up a regular invoicing schedule based on your customers purchasing schedule. This slashes the time you often spend chasing up payments and significantly reduces the chance of late or no payment.

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