How Food and Beverage Businesses Can Build Trust with Customers

27 Apr 2022 Helpful Tips


To be successful in 2022 and beyond, Food and Beverage Business MUST build and maintain trust with customers. If your business fails to build trust with the customer, you could risk losing them to the competition.

Here are 5 Ways Food and Beverage Businesses Can Build Trust with Customers.

1. Use Online Reviews

90% of Australians use Online Reviews to determine who to buy with. The best way to build trust with customers in 2022 is by using Online Reviews to convey what your business has done in the past.

Online Reviews give potential customers the ability to read about what your business has provided to current and past customers. If your business has an abundance of positive reviews from customers, new potential customers may be more trusting to shop with you instead of the competition.

To see the best results from Online Reviews you need to make them easily accessible. There are many ways your business can display customer reviews, some of the best options include Google via your Google My Business page, Your Facebook Business Page and most importantly your Online Ordering Website.

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2. Online Ordering Website

Online Ordering Websites are essential for building trust with customers. Studies show that 45% of Australians won’t even consider buying from a business that doesn’t have a website.

An Online Ordering Website simplifies a customer’s buying journey. In the click of a button customers can click, pay, and order products in a fraction of the time it would using the outdated SMS and Email services that many F&B businesses continue to provide. Above all else an online ordering website legitimises a business and shows customers that you are an official Food or Beverage Distributor, Wholesaler or Supplier.

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3. Show your Certification / Accreditation

Are you a certified reseller or distributor of a reputable product? If so, one of the best ways to build trust with customers is by showing that you are certified from the product supplier.

Attaching a certification from a large reputable food or beverage supplier shows customers that you have been trusted by that major company to distribute products on their behalf. Showing that you are accredited can be all it takes to make a customer choose you over those who aren’t.

If you are an official distributor of a major supplier, make sure you promote it as much as possible if permitted. Display it at your premises, on your Google Business Page and your Facebook Page. Make sure potential customers can easily see that you have been trusted by a major company to distribute their products.

4. Look out for Customers

Do everything in your power to look out for your customers best interests. Remind customers when they haven’t ordered at their regular interval, communicate with them if they are having issue with payment and try to look for ways to make their purchasing journey easier. Building relationships with your customers is the key to gaining trust. 

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5. Stay True to your Word

This is the most important piece of advice… stay true to your word! If you promise a customer something, whether it be delivery time, price etc. make sure you fulfil everything you have said. There’s nothing more frustrating than being let down by a product or service you have spent money on. The more your business stays true to your word, the greater trust you will build and the more customers you will gain.

Final Word,

Trust is the most important part of the buying process. If customers don’t trust your business, you won’t succeed. To be successful in 2022 and beyond it is essential that your Food and Beverage business does everything possible to build trust with customers. The 5 tips mentioned above are a great ways your business can build trust customers.

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