How to Increase Food & Beverage Delivery Efficiency

16 Aug 2022 Helpful Tips

The Delivery process is arguably the most important part of running a Food and Beverage Business. Your businesses delivery process will often determine whether a customer purchases from you again or not. With that being said, Food and Beverage businesses need to do everything in their power to deliver goods on time and as promised.

Here’s how to increase delivery efficiency in the Food and Beverage Industry.

1. Schedule Daily Route in Advance

The biggest mistake you can make in route management is not having a daily route schedule. To maximise delivery efficiency, Food and beverage businesses must schedule a daily delivery route in advance.

At the start of each day your drivers should know their route for the day, what deliveries need to be completed first and how long each delivery should take. The benefit of scheduling delivery routes in advance is it reduces the risk of having orders arriving late and dissatisfying customers.

2. Use a Route Management Software

It’s no secret that technology is changing the Food and Beverage Delivery Process. The best way to increase delivery efficiency in 2022 is by using an industry specific, route management software.

Using a route management software like MiniVend, Food and Beverage businesses can schedule daily routes, edit routes on the run, add new deliveries, and create new customers on the go in the one central app. The greatest benefit of using a route management software is it gives you the ability to quickly adapt to urgent customer delivery requests and still fulfill your daily run in a timely matter.

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3. Prioritise Important / Larger Deliveries

The bigger a delivery is, the longer it will take your drivers to deliver. Another common mistake that many Food and Beverage businesses make in route management is having the wrong delivery sequence.

To increase delivery efficiency, it is important that your business prioritises your delivery schedule based on importance and size. It is generally good practice to deliver the larger quantity deliveries first as they take the most time. It is important that your team understands the customer and order importance prior to creating the daily run as making a scheduling error can lead to late deliveries and angry customers.

4. Track Drivers

As technology advances, one of the best solutions that Food and Beverage businesses can use to increase delivery efficiency is tracking drivers. Using a delivery app, businesses can see where drivers are on their daily schedule and prepare the next set of deliveries as they are on their current run.

The benefit of tracking drivers is your team can strategically prepare the next set of deliveries for your drivers whilst they are on the road. Your team can have orders ready to go so all drivers need to do is arrive pick up the next products that need to be delivered and be on their way, no down time!

5. Have Clear, Tangible KPIs

The only way your business is going to increase delivery efficiency is by implementing clear and tangible goals for your delivery drivers to achieve. Your drivers should know what is expected of them and be able meet those goals.

Before your drivers begin the working week, set some performance goals that you would like them to achieve. Make sure the goals are tangible and achievable. The benefit of having goals and KPIs in place is it motivates staff and keeps them accountable.

Final Word,

Maximising delivery efficiency is one of the most important parts of running a food and beverage business. The better your businesses delivery process is, the more satisfied customers will be. The 5 tips presented are a few great ways your business can increase delivery efficiency in 2022.

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