How to Create the Best Food & Beverage Delivery Experience

19 Jul 2022 Helpful Tips

The delivery process is a vital part of running a Food and Beverage Business. Creating the best delivery experience can play a huge role in determining whether a customer purchases from you again or not.

Here’s how Food and Beverage Businesses can create the best delivery experience.

1. Deliver Goods on Time

There’s nothing more frustrating as a customer than receiving your order late. When this happens you usually never want to buy from that seller again. The first and most important way to create the best delivery experience is by delivering your goods on time.

If your business promises a customer a delivery date, do everything in your power to achieve it. The last thing your business wants is to lose a current customer because of a fulfilment error.

We get it! On occasion some delays may be uncontrollable, if you feel this may happen it is so important to notify your customer in advance and express your disappointment. Never leave your customer in the dark. You look after your customer; they will look after you.

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2. Deliver Goods Undamaged

Another obvious but detrimental factor in creating the best delivery experience, don’t deliver damaged goods. Like point number 1, receiving goods that you have paid your hard-earned money on that are damaged can be extremely frustrating. What makes it worse is you have to battle to get a refund and or wait days/weeks for a replacement.

Before your business starts the daily delivery route quickly check your products. Make sure there are no identifiable damaged goods. If you find any damaged goods, see if you can quickly replace them. Sometimes damage does occur on the road, when it does it is important to empathise with the customer and try to find a quick resolution for them.

3. Offer Contactless Delivery

The Covid-19 pandemic made us all sensitive to face-to-face contact. As we start to get back to a new normal, many people are still reluctant to deal with those they don’t know face-to-face. To create the best delivery experience, it is a good idea to offer a contactless delivery option.

Your drivers can leave products at the front door of your customers location then quickly notify them by phone that their products have been delivered. Offering a contactless delivery will help ease the anxiety of some customers and limit your driver’s chance of getting sick from face-to-face contact.

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4. Provide Real Time Proof of Delivery Confirmation

The Food and Beverage Industry has changed dramatically in the last few years. Customers have become so used to receiving information in real time. A great way to offer the best delivery experience is by providing real-time proof of delivery confirmations.

Using sign on glass technology, customers can receive a copy of the proof of delivery and receipt moments after they have signed for their delivery. The benefit for your business is you will never have to experience issues with lost or damaged proof of delivery dockets again.

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5. Deliver a Smile

The easiest way to create the best delivery experience is by delivering a smile. Look excited, be enthusiastic about delivering goods to the customer and smile. Show the customer that you want to be delivering their goods. When you look disinterested or look like you are in a rush, it reflects badly to a customer. You need to show them they are important. Having a smile on your face and showing genuine exactment can create a massive difference.

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Final Word,

Having a great delivery experience can make a massive difference in determining whether a customer returns to your business or not. The 5 tips mentioned above are a few great ways your business can enhance your delivery experience.

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