The Most Time-Consuming Tasks in the Food & Beverage Industry in 2022

24 Feb 2022 Helpful Tips


The Australian Food and Beverage Industry is rapidly changing. The way Vendors, Distributors and Wholesalers managed their businesses 18 months ago is much different to the way they manage them today. To be successful in 2022 Food and Beverage businesses need to minimise time spent on manual tasks and focus on future growth.

As we push further into 2022, many F&B businesses still find themselves doing manual administration tasks. The problem with this is it takes you away from your primary focus of selling great products and providing exceptional customer service.

Here are the most time-consuming tasks in the Food & Beverage Industry in 2022 and how your business can avoid them.

1. Manual Ordering

Arguably the most time-consuming task in the Food and Beverage industry in 2022 is taking orders manually. If you are currently taking orders manually either by SMS or Email you are severely impacting other areas of your business.

Think about it, you have to receive the order, correctly enter the order details into your management system, generate a receipt, create an invoice, and begin to fulfil the order. Just saying it sounds exhausting! That’s not even mentioning the high risk of error.

To minimise time spent on the ordering process, Australian Food and Beverage Businesses need to have an Online Ordering Website. The benefit of having an Online Ordering website is customers can place an order online at a time that suits them best. They no longer have to manually type their order out by SMS or Email.

For your business an Online Ordering Website automates your entire ordering process. Once an order is placed through your website, the system will automatically sync the customer’s order information directly to your management system, create a receipt and email the customer an invoice – without you having to do anything, it’s that simple!

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2. Chasing Customers for Payment

The biggest challenge for Australian Food and Beverage Businesses in 2022 is Debtors. Research released by Xero found that Australian F&B Businesses wait an average of 24 days for payment.

Your business should not have to employ someone full-time with the sole purpose of chasing payments from customers, it’s not viable long-term option. A quick and easy way to minimise debtors is by implementing Automatic Credit Card Payments.

The benefit of using an Automatic Credit Card Payment Solution is payments are automatically debited from your customer at the time of purchase. Faster money in the bank and no time spent chasing, it’s a win-win.

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3. Manually Linking Payments

to Invoices Another very time-consuming task in the Food and Beverage Industry is manually linking payments to invoices. The biggest problem with manually linking payments to invoices is there is a high risk of error. Making one mistake can cause chaos for yourself and your accountant.

A benefit of using an Automatic Credit Card Payment Solution is the system automatically links customer payments to the correct invoice without you having to do anything. A simple change of process will save your business hours of time every week.

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4. Using Multiple Systems or Software’s

A big mistake many businesses make is using multiple systems or software’s to manage their business. The problem with using multiple systems is you have to go back and forth between programs to complete simple tasks.

To increase efficiency, Food and Beverage businesses need to use a centralised industry specific program like EasyVend. The benefit of using a system like EasyVend is it automates many day-to-day tasks in one central program – you don’t need to waste time going from program to program.

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Final Word,

To be successful in 2022, Australian Food and Beverage businesses need to minimise time spent on manual time-consuming tasks. Using the recommendations mentioned above your business will go a long way to having sustained success in 2022 and beyond.

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