Why Your Business Needs An Order Management System

01 Jul 2021

Running a distribution business presents its fair share of challenges. The food distribution industry has changed so much in the past 12 months. Customers are transitioning to online, and expectation has become higher.

To stay ahead of the competition, Now is the time for all food and beverage distribution businesses to invest in an order management system.

An order management system is a web-based solution that simplifies and automates your day-to-day tasks like ordering, invoicing, receipting, and payments. It saves you money and gives you back hours of time to focus on growing your distribution business.

Here’s why your distribution needs and order management system.

1. Centralises your business operations

An order management system simplifies your entire ordering process in one central platform. When a customer places an order through your online ordering website, your stock, receipting, invoicing, and delivery sequencing is automatically populated based on your customers request - this is all done without manual human input.

When you manage your entire business in the one program you will be able to analyse business data and make strategic decisions for the future of your business.

2. Increases your business efficiency

How long do you spend taking orders via phone, text or SMS orders? For many food distributors taking orders manually is a daily occurrence. Taking orders manually is a time-consuming task and there is a high chance of error.

An online order management system removes your dependence on manual order taking. Using an online ordering website customers will be able to place orders when it suits them best.

Once submitted your customers order information will appear in the system instantly and accurately - removing costly repetitive data entry time.

3. Removes costly common mistakes

If you've been entering orders manually you know how easy it is to make a mistake. You also know how hard it is to fix. Entering orders manually will cost you time, money and customers.

An order management system removes all common ordering mistakes. Once a customer has placed an order the information will appear instantly in your system accurately.

Where EasyVend can help?

For Food Vendors and distributors, EasyVend supports and automates every part of your business, freeing you up to grow your sales unlike other ERP systems that are designed more for wholesale suppliers than for you.

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