5 Opportunities for Food & Beverage Businesses in 2022

16 Feb 2022 Helpful Tips


It’s an exciting time for the Food & Beverage Industry! The best thing about a new year is the unlimited possibilities it brings for businesses. 

Here are the 5 Opportunities for Australian Food & Beverage Businesses in 2022:

1. Online Ordering

It’s no secret that Online Ordering is changing the Food & Beverage Industry. As a result of the Covid Pandemic, Online Ordering has become the go-to ordering method for Australians. If your business doesn’t have an online ordering website, you are missing out on a massive opportunity to maximise sales.

An Online Ordering Website gives your business a brand-new sales channel to drive revenue. Customers can place orders when it suits them best and complete their purchasing journey in a fraction of the time it would take them using a manual process like over the phone or email.

Above all else, Online Ordering simplifies your fulfilment process. Integrated with your Food & Beverage Management Software, order details, customer information and receipts will automatically populate in the background as you buy and sell – saving you hours of duplicate data entry tasks every week.

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2. Automatic Credit Card Payments

It’s never fun having to chase or allocate payments, it’s time-consuming and there is a high risk of error. Research shows Australian Food & Beverage Businesses wait an average of 24 days for payment. Waiting 24 days for payment is unhealthy and instantly puts your business behind the 8-ball.

One of the biggest opportunities available for Australian Food & Beverage businesses in 2022 is Automatic Credit Card Payments. The benefit of using an Automatic Credit Card Payment solution is it automates your entire process. Everything from invoicing to receipting is automated – saving you hours of time and money every week.

Using an Automatic Credit Card Payment Solution, the following processes are automated:

  • Customer payments are automatically taken at the agreed time
  • Customer payments are automatically allocated and receipted to the correct invoice
  • Customer invoices are generated and sent automatically

To learn more about Automatic Credit Card Payments in EasyVend click here.

3. Automation

Let’s face it, the Australian Food & Beverage Industry has its fair share of challenges at the moment. From staff shortages to product shortages, there are a lot of things for businesses to contend with.

The only way Vendors, Distributors and Wholesalers can keep their business operating smoothly is by Automating everyday tasks. Using a Food and Beverage Management Software like EasyVend, Food & Beverage Businesses can automate everyday tasks such as ordering, invoicing, receipting, route management, accounting, and customer payments.

The biggest benefit of automation is it frees you up to focus on growing sales and profitability.

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4. Integrated Accounting

Accounting has always been a pain for SMEs, but it doesn’t have to be that way. There are solutions available for Food & Beverage Businesses that simplify the accounting process.

To limit time spent during the accounting process, Vendors and Distributors need to integrate their accounting to their management system. The benefit of integrating your accounting to your management system is financial data automatically syncs between programs once entered – removing duplicate data entry tasks and the risk of error.

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5. Expansion

Arguably the biggest opportunity for Food & Beverage businesses in 2022 is expansion. Whether it be expanding your product range or expanding the area you service, expansion can bring increased revenue streams and higher profitability.

If your business is looking to expand it is highly recommended that you research the market, understand the risks and financial requirements. Expansion may not suit all businesses, so it is important that you consult with all relevant parties before you begin investing in an expansion plan.

Final Word,

There are many opportunities available for Australian Food & Beverage Businesses in 2022. Start 2022 off right, chase new revenue streams, and aspire for growth. The 5 opportunities mentioned above are great current opportunities for all Australian food and beverage businesses.

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